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Installing a 48" plow

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RL Whiting

I currently own a D200 but I had a C145 for years.  To remove or install the front dozer blade first I disconnected the lift bar and then the rear latches and the plow and frame are on the ground.  I slid the blade towards the right front tire (Operator's right).  Then I slid  a floor jack in from the front so the lift pad would catch the front axle just to the left side of center (operator's left) and lifted the front end up until the snow plow assembly would slide under the right front tire.  There is just enough room to get the jack in with the plow and frame slid over. 


This way, I did not have to unbolt the angle control arm to remove or install the blade.  I had done the removal the first few times as is described above but found that the release rod did not do well with the re-orienting of the handle and you have to move the handle after the front tire just clears it because if you wait until you are all the way over the plow frame it is more difficult and easier to bend the release rod trying to get the lever back to vertical to put the bolt in.  WIth the jack, it takes longer to disconnect the lift bar than it does to actually get the plow out from under the tractor or back under depending on whether you are putting it on or off. 


You do have to be mindful that the front of the tractor is not squarely on the jack and is not as stable as it would be if you had the jack under the center pivot.  However, you do not need to jack the tractor up until AFTER you have everything disconnect first so you do not have to go underneath while pulling the plow assembly in or out from under the tractor.

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peter lena

@zieg72  saw your request on your rear plow mount , unhitching , drill a couple of holes , one on each side and install , HITCH PIN CLIPS 1/8 " , your local h/w store has them , I push them all the way thru , so they are hanging on the big ring , and cannot fall off , ask me how I know that , pete 

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