A couple years ago I picked up a 417A it had a blown engine and was in pretty bad repair. Although I have a small yard I need a tractor for aerating, rolling and would like to have a tiller someday for gardening. I cleaned up the tractor a little a couple years ago when I brought it home and it has sit in my shop since. Last year at the WHCC show I picked up a good used engine from Jerry Ole N Red. Since I have been working on cleaning my shop I finally have enough room to move around! I first installed 2 new front tires on it and replaced the front bearings. I then removed the hood and then the blown engine. I decided to give it another degreasing after letting it dry for a 1/2 hr I seen water still dripping underneath. I looked a little closer and discovered a bunch of stuff under the shift console, and boy did I Yep this tractor was home to many a mice from the previous owner! Well after 3 hrs of cleaning I was able to get it somewhat respectable. The plans is to do a good clean up and touch up the paint, Install the replacement engine, flush gas tank replace fuel line, Install new battery change oil, and see what I have. If all is mechanically sound I will get a replacement seat do more maintenance & take the paint Job a little further