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sjoemie himself

Case International 585

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sjoemie himself

Aaand then a gust of wind took out one of the doors. Definetely NOT what I was planning to do this afternoon.. 




Note: yes the door, what's left of it anyway, is in horrible condition and I would love to replace it. Some hurdles to take before that can happen though.

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sjoemie himself
Posted (edited)

First official upgrade to the Case International. It needed some front fenders badly. Took the tractor out in the rain a few times, last time together with one of my  nephews and we got plenty of water and mud flung onto our faces.. no bueno.. although my nephew did'nt seem to care :lol:






Gathered up some flat bar stock and started puzzeling. Turns out nothing is flat, square and/or plumb on a front axle like this so there were quite a few tricky angles to get right.


My dad rolled a hoop which I used to make part of the main frame with.



Looked at some pictures on the interwebs for inspiration and (imho) improved the design to my liking. Top bolts onto an exsisting bolt which I replaced with an longer one. The bottom wraps around the wheelhub with an exhaust bolt (if that even is a word in English).



Bolted the fenders to the brackets with some carriage bolts and self locking nuts.



Done! Don't know why but I always really like the look of front fenders on 2wd tractors.



Thanks for watching!

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