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Snow Herd is Ready

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12 foot drifts????? :blink:


Y'all can keep that stuff! We rarely get enough snow to make a drift, and I'm thankful. I love to see the snow when (if) we get any, but I love to see it gone in just a day or two. 


Note to self: no more complaining about the heat in summer. It's a fair trade! :D

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Up at the barn was a circle of pavement we turned around in. Grandpa had his house and garage, the shed and strip house to the west, the equipment shed and then the barn around the north and east. .The weather bureau reported that the barometric pressure was in the high 26 range.

We were pretty much at the eye of the storm. That snow froze so hard you could walk on it so we climbed on top and sighted a 2x4 to a point on a clear corner of the corn crib and it was twelve feet deep.

   The folks talked a lot about how much it snowed in the thirties. It was pretty routine that they walked along the fence top drifts along the road as it was the easiest way to get around if it stayed cold enough.

   We made our fun with an old car hood pulled behind a Farmall. Get her going and the guy on the hood stood up with a rope handle as we tightened the circle till the centrifugal force took off the rider. We got bent up a little, but no broken bones


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