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  1. jwalk2cc

    520 NOS Hood

    Thanks for concern. We were fortunate, just rain and wind but not too much. Its possible to ship, just takes a bit of work to package. Basically have to wrap in cardboard and bubble wrap. Not sure what shipping would cost. I will look into if you are interested.. I am confused on "rubber things that secure back to frame" . I only have owned only one 520 and it was a project I never finished. In fact just recently sold . I am not familiar with the 520. Are you talking about the hood latch on each side? I know on my 418 and 314 hoods the mounting bracket the rubber hood latch attached to is riveted into side of hood. But I do not know if 520 use rubber hood latch on each side? Thanks for your interest.
  2. jwalk2cc

    520 NOS Hood

    New Original Stock Wheel Horse 520 Hood NOS hood never mounted. Has very light minor surface scratches but none are through the paint. I don't even think you can feel them with your nails. Will buff out and look like it did when left factory
  3. jwalk2cc

    520-8 1990 project

    Sold 520-8 tractor
  4. jwalk2cc

    520-8 1990 project

  5. jwalk2cc

    520-8 1990 project

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. jwalk2cc

    520-8 1990 project

    Wheel Horse 1990 520-8 41-200801 0624 S/n 10860 Engine F? 25GI 710956C 1st 2 &5? G may be C ,I maybe 1 Eng.s/n L893628975 Eng.P/N 116610 I purchased 3 or 4 years ago, because it ran well (for the short period I operated through the gears in sellers yard), engine and diff oil was clean, and rarity of machine. And other good news when I removed air filter it was clean and is in the pictures. Immediately after purchase I begin to tear down and inspect and start restoration, but like many projects this one stalled and I lost interest. Below is to the best of my memory what I found during inspection and why I have now decided to sell. Wiring harness connector (the white one in picture that is prone to failure, had failed and one or more of the wires has been rerouted). Also another green wire going to instrument cluster is damaged. Left upper riser seat frame area cracked missing metal, will need metal fab. Rear tires do not match. One rear wheel is rusty and obviously is not the original. One front tire not original Hood needs sheet metal repair (not that bad) Battery missing now. Seat obviously shot. When I disassembled I put most of the fasteners back in their original location, and the others are in a baggy. I have keep the carb and other inlet tube covered. I looked underneath and I do not think it has reduction steering. I am not familiar with reduction steering only read it mentioned in threads on this forum, but steering looks identical (at least what I can see at front end) as other Wheel Horse. The reason I am selling is I recently lost my job, and since this project stalled years ago, (when I found how complicated the wiring is, plus the fact my interest in restoration are mainly the C series Wheel Horse), I have now decided to sell. This is a somewhat rare machine and could be restored. If you are interested in trying to start it, please know you will have to have the knowledge to put some of the wiring back together. I have a copy of the wiring diagram that goes with it, but I do not have any interest at the moment in working on anything. Thank You John Walker 3263 Mull Creek Lane Claremont NC 28610 828 459 7996
  7. jwalk2cc

    Seat springs missing or not 418-8

    Thank you for the pictures. This is exactly the same setup as mine. Now I just need to decide to change to the U springs or leave it as it is. Johnny Walker
  8. Hello, I have 1987 418-8 31-K18K801 that I bought used and does not have the usual large u shaped seat springs. Instead it just has spacers. I always thought the seat looked to be mounted low. So I looked in the parts manual “Tractor 1987 418-8 31-18K801 TIPL.pdf” and I am not sure if my tractor is missing the u shaped springs p/n 110920 or not? It appears I have the 4 spacers p/n 110808 spacer seat *B. I do not know what the *B defines? Can anyone interrupt this page in the parts manual please? Thank You Johnny Walker
  9. jwalk2cc

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Hi Goldann520,, This is Johnny Walker up the road in Claremont, We texted yesterday about that 414-8, Sorry I missed it, Thanks for posting the info on rock shaft. Concrats on selling the 414-8 so fast!
  10. jwalk2cc

    K241s in C Series

    Thank you for the information. Johnny Walker
  11. jwalk2cc

    K241s in C Series

    Hello everyone. I am looking at purchasing a C-100 with an engine K241s spec 46636d When I goggle that spec # a 1976 B-Series engine parts diagram is displayed. Does this indicate that the engine is not original, or just that the parts catalogs are listed as such? I searched this forum for K241 and did find other post of C105 and C100 tractors with K241 engines. Thanks Johnny Walker
  12. jwalk2cc

    ID these attachments?

    I have one of those disc. I am almost 61 and I can remember as a youngster my dad having me stand on it for weight on while he plowed the garden. I did not enjoy gardening or appreciate Wheel Horse then. Thanks Johnny Walker
  13. jwalk2cc

    36" sd deck drumb bearings

    I also am restoring a 36 inch deck and would not have noticed the "grove" if not for this post. I had to find a new 105074 housing because I foolishly drove the old bearing out the wrong direction and snapped of the end nose of the 105074 housing . Maybe my mistake will help someone avoid that. Felt like and idiot. Thank you Johnny Walker