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  1. oldandred

    Countdown to the BIG show

    Hay Frank I can send my plane for you ? :thumbs:
  2. if you wear those rubber gloves it want get on you hands
  3. oldandred

    18Auto running issues

    trash in the carb all the stuff added to the gas want get rid of trash
  4. oldandred

    520-H hood stripe?

    I just bet duke wished he had a stripe or two or three
  5. oldandred

    Wheel Horse work horse 700 trans problem

    Before spliting the case make sure the key in the out put shaft isnt sheared splitting a tranny for a .50 piece of metal
  6. oldandred

    Need belt for "867"

    if it the same as the 867 its the 9691 belt or 1/2"x70"
  7. oldandred

    Picked-up a C-81 today

    his location is just out side Richond not too far from me
  8. oldandred

    gt 14 wheel weights

    yep there the real thing I have a set like Burrly1 said can be mounted out or in side
  9. oldandred

    whcc web site

    From the sources yes it will be paypal and no to the raise in price and I was told soon ??????? but he didnt say when just soon O heck just send it to the address on the web site Here you go http://www.wheelhorsecc.com/modules.php?na...=showpage&pid=4
  10. oldandred


    its on the chassie just behind the front wheel drivers side if its there most are gone
  11. oldandred

    Points Part No. same for all K series?

    :banghead: To add to that if you use new points or breakers as they are called now be sure to clean the contact they get a little coating for sitting some times
  12. oldandred

    My Oldest Horse & My Youngest Child

    Micah nice picture you need to get Bill out behind the tractor on the tube now that would be a picture
  13. oldandred

    Just a Bit Too Much for the Old Girl

    I call that not enough snow
  14. oldandred

    Drive belt question?

    should be a 4L 72inch belt
  15. oldandred

    Rebuilt a 4 pinon 8 sp

    If it hit the floor and a axle came out and you didnt replace the c clip or snap ring with a new one youre going to wish you had. been there done that