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  1. farmerall

    Missed one

    I talked to the guy who bought that tractor earlier today. He said it was in nice shape and that he was going to repair it because a member of his church needed a mower. I doubt he is a member here though.
  2. farmerall

    what did you do for your horse today?

    I moved my old B111 out of the shed and covered it with a tarp to make room for others. Not the best thing to do but I haven't used it in years and I needed the room.
  3. farmerall

    2 Pond Signed Broncos

    I know him too and I have worked on that RJ for him. It is signed by Cecil and as far as I know he never sold it. Personally I think he was asking too much for it. I know he has at least one other signed tractor too.
  4. farmerall

    2 Pond Signed Broncos

    It would be cool to see pictures of them. How much does Cecil Ponds signature increase the value. I'm just curious since 8 grand seems really steep. I know my friend has 2 or 3 tractors that where signed by Cecil.
  5. farmerall

    Connectors where to buy

    Someone may have hooked the battery up backwards too. I did that once and ended up have to replaced 20 feet of wire because two wires melted together.
  6. farmerall

    Wheel Horse C161

    Thanks. We had a fun time getting it loaded and unloaded though. The clips that hold the front wheels on are missing so the front tires kept falling off lol. Then of course I had to pick it up in a middle of a snow storm which made the roads slick and interesting to drive on. Also the gps took on a road that was one lane wide and snaked its way up the side of a mountain. Thankfully no cars where coming down as we drove up.
  7. farmerall

    Wheel Horse C161

    I picked this tractor up a little over a week ago from another member here, Case442. I paid 150 for it. It doesn't run yet but the engine has compression and hopefully won't take make to get it running again.
  8. farmerall

    Wisconsin Engine on a Wheel Horse???

    The engine weight is around 110 lbs if it's an AENL.
  9. farmerall

    Wisconsin Engine on a Wheel Horse???

    That is most likely an AENL or AENLD engine on there and you're right it is a beast. Wisconsin engines are known for being heavy and having lots of torque. Heck I had a 2-2.5 hp Wisconsin. That engine weighed at least 60lbs and was considerably larger than an aluminum Briggs 3.5 hp engine.
  10. farmerall

    Dealer List

    Rhodes Lawn and Garden in Imperial Pa The owner bought the business in 72 or 73 and he is still open today. He mostly sells parts and does service work but he does sell a few White lawn tractors and Toro push mowers. He used to sell Bolens and he also sold Wheel Horse's. I don't know if he sold both brands at the same time or not though. There was also a dealer in McDonald Pa. I'm unsure of when they opened and closed or the name. I have talked to the owner before though, after he closed his dealership he rented the building to a pizza shop. This past summer the state demolished the old building.
  11. farmerall

    It was a sad day, let some stuff go

    You'll find one. Next time you pass an old Wheel Horse dealer stop in and ask if they might have any old signs for sale, the worst they can say is no. I got this sign that way and only paid 20 bucks for it.
  12. Like the title said I decided to sell two things from my Wheel Horse collection. First is my Wheel Horse sign that I got from a local dealer, I'm really sad that I'm selling this one. The second piece is my little B111 tractor. This was my first actual lawn and garden tractor and the start of what became my current collection. I'm sort of happy to see it go since I just don't have the time to do anything with it anymore. I haven't touched it in almost 2 years now. They are both going to a good home and a fellow Wheel Horse collector so that makes me happy. You may ask why I'm selling and that is because I have found a car that I want to buy and I need to start raising the funds to buy it.
  13. Yesterday I pulled an old Craftsman mower apart and decided to see if the rear tires would fit on my little A90. Well the fit just fine and I really like the look they give the tractor compared to the stock tires. In the picture you may notice the front tire is flat. That is because the tractor pulled an unexpected wheelie and it stood up in the air. Not wanting a tractor to me I pushed the tractor to the side and it ;landed on that tire.
  14. farmerall

    1968 ELECTRO 12

    You did a great job restoring it.
  15. farmerall

    Wheelhorse - What's Your Field Specialty???

    Mine would be the mid to late 70's lt's because I have two currently and had another one not long ago. I really like my Electro 12 though and hopefully I will get my 551 moving one day.