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    operated a one person small engine repair shop for 35 years.
    now hopefully I'll got time to go thru my C-120.
    like the old saying "the cobblers kids go bare foot"

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  1. zipper

    Tractor 1976 B- 80 8-speed D&A SN.pdf

  2. Rusty, Real nice job. Just got to get her the decals. Make's ya real proud, Mostly when the neighbors come over and wow her. With mine I hose her down and chami very time i use her. I sent you a PM. Zipper
  3. And how many beers did it take?? Glade it all worked out.
  4. the seat switch does control the spark as well all the other safety switches do the same. The same with the engerizing the starter. If the starter turn over, I'd check the condenser and points next, did you replace them?OEM or aftermarket ? Also check for a broken or loose ground wire breaker & condenser to ground. Electrial problems will cause you to drink. Good luck.
  5. rusty, If I remember right you replaced all the safety switchs, if you did. make sure your seating on the seat and depressing the clutch and the PTO lever is in the off postion.If that don't work try disconneting and bypassing one switch at a time till ya find the bad one, From past expenance start with the seat first (kiss meathod). then check the condenser and points Zipper
  6. Rusty, what did you use for the two rubber bumpers under the seat pan that set on top of the fender pan? The dash came out nice, love that VHT.My wife did the white with the paint sticks on ours. Did you clear coat her, did you apply any wax, cause she shines like she's brand new ( slightly used ). REALY nice job. Zipper PS If you lived closer I'd offer my garage, you bring beer I supply the heat.
  7. Rusty Sorry for the late reply, She's looking good, I remember the pile of rusty sheet metal, then geting it back with red primer from the sandblaster. Kind of gives ya a good feeling inside. Got the e clip from Granger had to wate a few days, but wanted all stainless, makes her stand out. And down the road she won't have any rust streaks, cause I use her weekly. My neighbors chuckle when I give her a bath and chami her down. Zipper
  8. On the C-120 I used stainless and nylock nuts with flat washers, stainless all the way. I think I have stock in the local hardware store.
  9. JamesBe1, I ran out of VHT and had to finish the tank with a very light coat of R/O gloss black. Thanks again. Zipper
  10. here's the last pic's taken. Now just looking for the headlight assy. If any one has one or any part of one, email me thank you Zipper
  11. Thank you AMC, he was a true friend. He helped me painting my baby. He had repainted his B-100 last year and I replaced his base gasket on his 10 HP. Going to try to post some newer pic's. Thanks again. Zipper
  12. The VHT spray and the Elmers paint sticks works great. there is a detailed directions I found on this site someware Zipper
  13. I know it's been a year since I started this overhaul/restore/modefided. a lot has happened this past year. One of my best friends, the one that helped me start painting her passed on Feb 14 2014. Then the bride had foot surgury in mid Feb. lost two months doing house work and cooking, now I know why it's the wife's work. Well the old girl is just about done, used her twice to cut the grass, I mean the C-120, not the wife. Here's some pic's, more will follow I forgot to reset the date on camera Thanks for all the help when asked. Zipper
  14. Rusty, I just finished ours 1967 C-120 and I used all STANDARD stainless steel hardware, even the E clips are standard. Good luck. I hope to post some pic's soon. Zipper