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  1. Whispertje

    Controle-light question

    How stupid of me. I fixt it, and no problems any more. Thanks
  2. Whispertje

    Controle-light question

    Hello, I hope someone can help me with the next problem. I have a WH 227-5 with the decal, on dash, missing. One of the controle-light is warning me, but I don't know where for. There are 6 controle-lights and the first one lights up. And when I switch the mowerdeck on, the engines stops. I hope someone can tell me what it means? Greetings, Whispertje
  3. Whispertje

    wheel horse tiller?

    1989 and feel free to ask for more pictures if you want.
  4. Whispertje

    wheel horse tiller?

    Hello, Looks like mine. See picturegallery. Click here to see. It works with a 227-5
  5. Whispertje

    Tag-a-long mower

    Nice, I like it. :omg:
  6. Whispertje

    A Wheel Day - Pictures and a video

    Nice video :omg:
  7. Whispertje

    Front Weight on WH 227-5

    The weight of it is: 40 kg.
  8. Whispertje


    WOW Nice :omg:
  9. When I was using the tiller, sometimes the front of the tractor came up a little. So I looked on the internet for a front weight. I finaly found one, which is originally used on a small Mitsubishi tractor. I fits very good to the WH 227-5(I think). Click for pictures
  10. Whispertje

    Rotary Broom

    Nice job and a great idea!!! :omg:
  11. Whispertje

    30"tiller (and 227-5)

    Some pictures of 30"tiller and a 227-5 tractor.
  12. Don't know if it's in the right topic? Click here for Instructions 200 series mowers.
  13. Whispertje

    Manual 200 series

    Don't know if it's in the right topic? Click here for a Manual 200 series (part1) and here (part2).
  14. Whispertje

    Kawasaki FC290V/ FC420V/ FC540V

    Click here for operator's manual Kawasaki FC290V/ FC420V/ FC540V OHV 4 stroke air-cooled gasoline engine.
  15. Whispertje

    418-AA Finish Pictures

    One word: COOL !!! :thumbs: