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  1. Wheelhorse860

    D180 Snowblower

    thank you very much, ill check it out soon
  2. Wheelhorse860

    D180 Snowblower

    WHat size is the belt for a d180 snowblower? i need the one from the front pto, to the snow blower. thanks
  3. Wheelhorse860

    C100 trade

    ok, i am very happy, ive had the c for a while, but as far a monaitary value. how am i doingz? am i taking a hard loss?
  4. Wheelhorse860

    C100 trade

    hi im trading my c100 restored with a dozer blade for a 3pt hitch, rear pto, front tires, back tires, for my d180, am i losing? i dont think i am...any input ?
  5. Wheelhorse860

    Restoring the D180

    ok, thanks
  6. Wheelhorse860

    Restoring the D180

    does it get paint off? and i dont think itll work for big parts
  7. Wheelhorse860

    Restoring the D180

    haha, maybe someone near me would be interested in doing some sand blasting for me, hmmmmmm. any takers? got cash
  8. Anyone near eastern ct have a sand blaster cabinet, i am looking for somone to sand blast a couple of panels and fenders, i do have money, and will pay. please reply or dm me if interested! thank you very much
  9. Wheelhorse860

    Restoring the D180

    ok, thanks
  10. Wheelhorse860

    Restoring the D180

    how much would a small sandblasting booth cost? might be interested in buying one...
  11. Hi Just started to sand down the d180, preppin it for new paintt. im hand sanding the thinner metal, but do you guys think that sandblasting the thickermetal will be fine? thanks. also would pay somone to completely rewire the tractor, all wiring works, just messy messy messy. wires are old and cracked to. thanks much, austin. PICS WILL BE UP SOON!
  12. Wheelhorse860

    Anymore CT Shows/swap meets?

  13. Just wondering if there are anymore swap meets/shows in ct thanks
  14. Wheelhorse860

    C-195-6 Lug 15" wheel info

    i got some26x12x12 on my d180, 6 lug, its awesome