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    Howard 857 Horse in VA
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    5 857's,401-8 speed
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    chevrolet dealer ,,,parts wholesale
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    my interests have always been family,,my 2 great children and 35 years of marriage,,,
    THIS horse hobby started with a W/H 401 at the dump,,,
    5 years ago..no hood,,no engine,bad rear.
    So the story begins.....................

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  1. 857 horse

    Where's Howard...

    GUYS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i HAVE THE POLE,,,,,,,,ITS COMING WITH ME,,,,,,A LADDER,,,,,SCREW GUN,,,,,,AND HELP WITH THE LADDER,,,,,mRS whEELHORSEMAN OFFERED A CHILD TO HELP.....AND AS ALWAYS,,,,,,,ANY HELP WILL BE GREAT !!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,I WILL BE noon or later arrival........a doc apt on Thursday am,,,,,,,,then headed north,,,,,Jay ,,,,road apples held his hand up...........I feel good that the pole is covered,,,,,, 2 weeks and counting.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys
  2. 857 horse

    Where's Howard...

    Just so you guys know............Old RED RIDER,,,,,,,,,,ROAD APPLES AND MR AND MRS WHEELHORSEMAN 1000 HAVE BEEN KEEPING A VIGILENT WATCH ON ME,,,,,,, I'm DOING MY Hrdest to speak in a normal blue jeans way,,,,,,,,,,knowing I sound very different to CRAIG,,,,,,LOLOLO THIS MAKES ME FEEL LIKE THE SHOW WI;; BE HERE TOMORROW,,,,,,,,,,,,,AND MAN,,,,,,,,I WISH IT DID GONNA BE LOADED AND READY BY NEXT SATURDAY..........................LET THE HEALING BEGIIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 857 horse

    Where's Howard...

    THANKS bob,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i will be bringing 3 857's all running......a good one a better one and a nicer better one.... OH and a pole !!!!!!!!! you know what I mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gooder better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 857 horse

    Where's Howard...

    Wow,,,,,I cant believe I heard about this post.....and today was the DOCTOR day......doctor says the are 3 approaches to this,,,,,and I failed 2 ,,,,,,,,,,,,We go back in 2 weeks...........I will be sure the date is ifter the show,,,, and so you know......all these typos are from sight issues,,,,,,, typing and reading leaves me with bad headaches,,,,,,,,but I must confess having diabetes and not following docs orders is leaves this result,,,my cell# changed leave a note,,,,i will forward it to all my buds.....( all of you ) !!!!!!!!!! No nnight driving...and the issue is very draining.....always tired,,,,,,,,and that I CANT TAKE !!!! LOLOLOL I wi;ll be at the show,,,,,,,bringinig 2 perhaps 3 to sell......... This makes a person feel good,,,,,,and thank you guys for the notes of encouragement,,!!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand,,,,,me slowing down will let a few of you keep up ...LOLOLOLOLO,,,,,,,,,,OH I GOT NEW ID CARDS TO HANG ON THOSE NECKS !!!! OK,,,,,I will be back,,,,,,,My buds mean a lot to me,,,,,, be safe......stay calm,,,,,,keep the home fires burning...not the bridges..... 857 Horse
  5. I have a Raider 12,,,,,,in need of this surgery,,,,,,,thank you for the insight and warnings,,,,,,,,,i will do pics and forward mine as well......... Howard,,,,857 Horse in Va....
  6. George,,,,,,I have that logo on my cards,,,,send your address in an e-mail and I will send a few your way,,,, 2 years and no snow YET !!!!!!!!!!!! Howard in Virginia........
  7. 857 horse

    Historical Photos #6

    these pics are worth more than several thousand words
  8. CLUELESS Chris,,,,,Someone had an ariel map of the grounds circulating last Show,,,,,,perhaps it could be posted here,,,,,,and everyone can chime in where they set up ,,,,,,,,I am between turn 1 and turn 2 ,,,,,,,,ROAD APPLES ,,,,Walfish 953NUT ,,,,Squonk ,,,,,Aldon,,,,,TEAM RULZ,,,,,,,,all within rock throwing distance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DINO should be present,,,Chime in Mike !!!!!!!!,,,,briNG Lawn chairs,,,,,,every one becomes nomadic during the day,,,,,OH,,,,,,,damn be sure to find the Wheelhorsemen and family,,,,,,,,,,amazing design.....AND PAINT YOU WILL MEET JEFF,,,,,,,ALWAYS ON THE MOVE,,,,,,,,,A/C MAN ,,,,,,...........find Bill Jenkins,,,,,i respect him,,,,and his tables of parts,,,,,,, are show stoppers.......Be sure to get your ID BADGE,,,,,,,get a very good hot dog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and cell phones now work!!!!!!!!! YOU CANT REPRODUCE THIS ECHO MADNESS,,,,,,,,, ABOVE ALL THIS IS A REUNION,,,,,, I WILL BE HERE Wednesday,,,,,,,,,,,IF YOU ALL WILL,,,,,,,EXCUSE MY TYPING FRIENDS,,,,,,,,SIGHT LOSS IS GAINING A FOOTHOLD ,,,,,,,BUT,,,,,NOT FOR NOW...NOT THIS YEAR,,,,,,,, HOWARD,,,,857 hORSE,,,,,,,,,,GLAD I STOPPED IN,,,,,,
  9. 857 horse

    42" Snow/Dozer Blade on the 753

    you nailed it !!!!!!!!,,,,,Professional rebuild,,,,Hope to meet you at the BIG SHOW
  10. I could feel the tickle of this thread as I slumber these past few months.......I have not been present,,,,,, Prioritys have changed tracks,,,,,,My wife has had ankle/foot surgery .......and it was much needed,,,,,recovery is on track, Squonk,,,,thank you for reading between some lines,,,,,,,, NOW,,,,,,about the BIG SHOW,,,,,,I will be at the Round table Wednesday evening,,,,,,,,,Squonk will hang a tag on the invites ((everyone)) !!!!!!!!!! Remember folks,,,,THE GREATEST SHOW,,,,,is the BIG SHOW ,,,,,Don't forget your most comfy lawn chair,,,,, also this is where I pull back ,,,,and blend in,,,,My enthusiasm can be offending,,,,,and that gets you called out by neighbors,,,,,,,, sometimes trying your best is not seen as just that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, See you at the show,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. 857 horse

    42" snow/dozer blade cleanup

    nice bright paint.!!!!! I like it
  12. 857 horse

    First WHCC Show

    I would like thank any and all for sharing this time capsule 2018 WILL Be MY 5tH big show,,,,,,,,,I WAS THERE 2 PREVIOUS YEARS,walking around and buying a few parts,,,,Didnt really talk to anyone,,,,,,But did listen ,,,learned a lot,,,and was welcomed into any discussion ,,,,,,and it all comes with a home cooked meal !!!!!!!!!!!! and you can never beat the stories in this place,,,,,,, we had2 inches of snow yesterday,,,,,,and no need to plow,,,,,- Wise words for rhe day :E FREE FUEL : !!!!!!!!!!
  13. 857 horse

    Big snow on way. Gearing up

    BOTH WAYS !!!!!!! today they call that child abuse........fact can be stranger than fiction,,,,,
  14. 857 horse

    New hood ornament for the Electro Deluxe

    I understand a lot ,,,,of the stress everyone endures,,,,,,,things like,,,,,,,dont be waiting for a bus at the wrong stop.......Forgetting where you set up..!!! Carching a little shut eye and you never know who is watching !!!!! Seeeing an ad for something,,,,talking about it before yeah can coral it,,,,,,POOF !!!!!!!! Yes gentlemen,,,,life in the Wheelhorse lane has its tribulations......But its all part of liven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. 857 horse

    New hood ornament for the Electro Deluxe

    Richard is more of a draft Horse than a pack mule,, a team leader ,,,,and a be a solid back,,,,,,,,,,,Richard never quits ,,,,,,, And only 6 months away......... this year,,,,we are gonna up our game,!!!!!!!!!!!! any ideas? I was thinking a round table,,,,a big circle of Knights,,,,,,, I was gonna say names and do a call out,,,,,,, but what are your suggestions??