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  1. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Finished Project!!! 314-8

    I can relate to that big time lol
  2. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Finished Project!!! 314-8

    Looks awesome!!
  3. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Restore or not

    See, I really like that with the fresh wheels and original paint on the chassis. I have a 401 that I got years ago that looked similar to that, but I tore it apart and painted it. I guess we all do dumb things when we're 16.......
  4. Mike'sHorseBarn

    What is happening to Wheel Horse part prices??

    All Techy parts are expensive. One of the many reasons I stay away from Tecumseh Engines.
  5. Mike'sHorseBarn

    What Other sites Like Craigslist do you Use?

    I have had a lot of luck with Facebook Marketplace as opposed to Craigslist. At least I can put a face with a name and see where people are coming from. Never had one issue with it. I have never sold on Craigslist because of all the Horror stores I've heard, but I have bought. I've been burned buying on craigslist too. People don't keep their word blah blah blah lol. I have bought on RedSquare of course and it's one of my favorite places to buy and sell! I used to use Ebay, but there are way too many fees on there anymore.
  6. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Restore or not

    This is a great source for Transmission parts https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/transmissions.html Here is the manual for your tractor I think the suburban 400's had a snowblower, but I don't think I've actually ever seen one. Also here is a good thread for those 3 piece transmissions.
  7. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Restore or not

    I appreciate I survivor now as much as I do a restored one. If it is in good shape like yours is then I say clean it up and leave it the way it is. I have an RJ58 that is in bad shape cosmetically that will be getting a full resto for that very reason, but if it was not all beat up, I'd leave it alone. Mike
  8. Mike'sHorseBarn

    What is happening to Wheel Horse part prices??

    I try to avoid selling on ebay too because of the fee. Ebay takes fees and then paypal takes a percentage too. I use Marketplace on facebook to sell now. Haven't had any problems with that other than the standard dealing with people lol. I have noticed parts creeping up though, but as previously mentioned, everything is going up. Sometimes i wish i lived in the midwest so I could go to all these swap meets you guys have out there!
  9. Mike'sHorseBarn

    A-60 Pics

    Go for it! It's a neat little horse! What's another screen name change lol
  10. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Thank you Wheelhorser's

    I had no trouble reading any of your posts! Of course here in Central Pennsylvania most of us can trace our ancestry back to Germany, my family came from somewhere called Baden Germany in 1710, so maybe that is just my German roots helping me haha. Anyway, glad you are here on the forum and we are most happy to help!! Mike
  11. Mike'sHorseBarn


    Added more pics this morning.
  12. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Frustrated trip

    Gotta love false advertisement........ I know you could find some here in the states, but shipping would be very expensive. I imagine parts for older machines in Germany are pretty scarce. Good luck with the search!! Mike
  13. I Reaaaaaalllly need to get on building one of these. I have old air handler like that at home too. I just need to build some kind of bracket to mount it on a 1076.
  14. Mike'sHorseBarn

    857 starts but won't run

    Don't replace that carb unless the throttle shaft is loose. I'd definitely replace points condenser and plug and see what happens. Also check that fuel pump, I've gotten some duds. Mike
  15. Mike'sHorseBarn


    Too many projects so I am willing to send this 867 to a good home. I will include a good rear discharge deck with it. Transmission works good in all gears and shifts smoothly. It has a new coil and new throttle and choke cables. I'm currently working on getting the lights working and getting more original looking muffler on it. It starts easy and runs good, but it smokes a little on start up. If you have questions let me know. Pickup only or arrange transportation.