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  1. Mike'sHorseBarn

    engine parts supplier

    I personally use the isavetractors.com parts when i can. Norman is a good guy and very knowledgeable if you need help.
  2. Mike'sHorseBarn


    Man you guys are making me drool! Lol
  3. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Latest pick rj35 55 cable steer

    Can"t wait to see the finished product!!
  4. Mike'sHorseBarn


    That looks awesome!!
  5. Mike'sHorseBarn

    C 120 with side car??

    So do we call him WHX22.5 after he buys that or are we leaving out the bath tub? Lol
  6. Mike'sHorseBarn

    61 and 62 steering question

    If it's too bad, you can drill it out and put in a bronze bushing.
  7. Mike'sHorseBarn

    rear tires

    I've used these same tires. Good quality and they look nice. I highly recommend them. If you want something closer to the original tread you can get these, but they are very expensive. http://www.millertire.com/products/lawn-garden-tires/6-12/6-12-firestone-town-country-turf-4-ply/
  8. Mike'sHorseBarn


    For some reason I really dig the roached out hood on that 552!
  9. Mike'sHorseBarn


    I've always used IH red out of a spray gun. Although as you can see, they spray cans now do a pretty good job. Since you've had it blasted you should have a nice smooth surface to paint over and that will really help. I've just found that the paint out of my spray gun holds the gloss a whole lot longer than rattle can paint.
  10. Mike'sHorseBarn

    New carb Or Kit ?

    An ultrasonic cleaner is on my Christmas list lol I've heard so many good things about them!
  11. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Traded a Horse for a Monkey

    I haven't gotten it running yet. Previous owner said it sat outside for some time and hadn't run in quite a few years. I believe it because the carb was full of goo and so was the tank. Tank is soaking in lacquer thinner as I type this. Carb has been freed up and rebuilt. New points and condenser, old points were pitted beyond filing. Waiting on a new coil. Water had gotten in the top and rusted the plug wire fast so when the new coil gets here I'll make a new wire. Good news is that it turns over so it should run, just not sure if it'll smoke or not. Dick I wouldn't trade this for a $100 bill! I think it has the look man! Lol
  12. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Spotted this old one, What is it?

    There were some good horses at that show too that's for sure!
  13. A condenser for any K series engine will work. You can get them on the internet or some auto parts stores have them. If you have a napa nearby I know they can get them for you. Mike
  14. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Re-engine a 1969 Wheel horse 700

    I have a 700 at home that is going to be a similar project. It has the original 7hp tecumseh on it, but I've never been able to make it run right and I've had it for years. So now I keep my eye open for a Kohler k181 like something off of a B80 and I'm going to do an engine sway and call it a done. If you don't mind the look of a modern engine you can get a 6.5 horse predator engine at harbor freight.
  15. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Spotted this old one, What is it?

    This is the only one I've ever seen in person.