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  1. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Rustler alert

    As long as their are pics to follow I can live with that lol
  2. Mike'sHorseBarn

    No room left

    Well he said it wasn't a good idea, but he didn't say you couldn't! lol
  3. Mike'sHorseBarn

    No room left

    I can relate. I think I've turned everything I possibly can into a storage place for horses and other GT's. I have a buddy here locally that bought 2 shipping containers to use as storage for tractors. Not sure what the price was, but might be worth looking into.
  4. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Toro Reel Mower

    My opinion is that I want one lol neat unit, wonder if it was used on a golf course or something?
  5. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Lebanon Valley Indoor Classic Tractor Expo

    You'll just have to make 2 trips to PA this year!!!
  6. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Lebanon Valley Indoor Classic Tractor Expo

    I'll be there weather permitting. We RedSquare members should make it a point to meet up somewhere!
  7. Mike'sHorseBarn

    look what followed me home..

    NICE!!!!! Love those commando's!! I'd just clean it up and put the original plate in the front of the hood or a set of lights and call it done!
  8. Mike'sHorseBarn

    1067 rebuild

    I might steal this fix in the future myself, I'm only good enough at welding to take two piece of metal and make them stick together.....it isn't pretty lol
  9. Mike'sHorseBarn

    32" RD Mower Deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. Mike'sHorseBarn

    32" RD Mower Deck

    I think it would mount, but I'm not sure how you would rig up the belts to engage it. The PTO on the work horse 700 is different than the 1267.
  11. Mike'sHorseBarn

    32" RD Mower Deck

    Changed Status to Pending
  12. Mike'sHorseBarn

    32" RD Mower Deck

    Came off a Work Horse 700. Has everything you need to mow except the the engagement pedal. Needs lubed up and the left spindle is a little loose, but will mow grass the way it is. Will deliver to the big show in June if paid in advance or you can come get it. Will send more pics if you need them. Pm me with questions.
  13. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Snow Blade off an 857

    Well heck that's pretty cool!
  14. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Snow Blade off an 857

    This is a snow blade that was on my 857 when I got it and I don't need it so I'm looking to pass it along. The axle bracket for this is not included. $125 local pickup, don't really want to drag it to the big show, but I will if I have to if paid in advance.
  15. Mike'sHorseBarn

    Dee stone tires

    I have deestone tri ribs on a 1076 and I think they are great. They really look good and work well, makes steering much easier. They won't work on those wide C160 rims, but firestone does make a tri rib in the correct size, it's just very expensive. You can get a set of the narrow wheel horse rims fairly cheap and swap spindles with an older machine if you want to go a cheaper route.