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  1. 1972LEMONS

    mower deck swap

    I am having some mower deck issues on my 417A. The deck I had been using for the past 4 years or so is from a 308. Now I am having a problem the deck eating belts, pulleys are not what they should be, etc.... I had been trying to locate new idler pulleys, 1 mule drive pulley and 1 pulley for a spindle as well as a belt. Now much luck so far. I ran across a 44" and a 48" deck for a very fair price. The add said they were used on a C165 series. My question is will it work on the 417A? Thanks,
  2. 1972LEMONS

    Belt issues

    Thanks for the input on this. I have taken a closer look at the spindles, pulleys, etc... I will be replacing the 2 idler pulleys, 1 spindle pulley and 1 mule gear pulley. I have an OEM belt and an after market one available. Looks like I will be using the self-propelled mover again this week until the parts come in.
  3. 1972LEMONS

    Belt issues

    Have a mid 80's 417A, the deck I have is from a mid 80's 3 series. Lately, I have been have belt issues. The belt bounces as the PTO is engauged. I am thinking it is a pulley related problem. Thanks