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  1. kaiser

    1984 workhorse gt1600

    SOLD to Docwheelhorse, thanks Tony.
  2. kaiser

    1984 workhorse gt1600

    make an offer folks, I don't want it to spend a winter outside. it's been inside for the past few owners. but I'm out of room.
  3. kaiser

    1984 workhorse gt1600

    up for sale is my workhorse gt1600. I've had it for 3 years. it was repainted red by the previous owner. it's got a 48" sd deck with only a couple of small holes, still works fine. new parts: oem belts, oem pulleys on deck, sten clutch pulley, brand new Carlisle turf master rear tires, new muffler, newer battery it has the 655cc opposed cylinder 16hp briggs, it may be getting a bit soft. it's got the 8 pinion transaxle with the larger axle from a c-series. it needs an ignition swtich, something is up with the wiring, I installed a new switch and still no go. jumps from solenoid to start. it's a solid machine for resto or for parts for a 400 series. I paid 1k for this 3 years ago, but needed something a bit bigger as my yard is huge. asking $500 but am negotiable.
  4. kaiser

    Disk brake questions

    the napa adaptive one brand pads are really good. (higher then napa gold) that looks like a really cheap rotor to me. all that scaling under the hat is a dead give away. oem and high end rotors don't do that. another thing to note, beware of "high performance" brake pads. they are lousy for street driving and only work well when they are piping hot. which means when they are cold, like they are on an off ramp, they can take twice as long to stop.
  5. kaiser

    Family Pets

    this is our bodyguard LUDO. 165lbs of puppy.
  6. just for confirmation, the size is 1 1/8". what a joy sharp blades are. lol
  7. kaiser

    What's it worth?

    a lot of times the sellers want too much for these because they look like garden tractors.
  8. dcrage, the 42's and 48's are the same, so thanks. garry, you never cease to amaze me with your technical knowledge.
  9. lol, sounds like too much of a project to me. I've already got a c series 8 pinion transaxle in my 400 series. I wish the original owner still had the c series he pulled that from, but he doesn't. I guess i'll just leave it be. thanks for the info guys.
  10. as much as I love my gt1600 I'm not too keen on the 300/400/500 series hoods. has anyone put an older hood on one of these? what hoods do you guys think would fit? this is nothing I'm going to do right away, maybe over the winter if I even do it.
  11. yeah, it's got plenty of power. I tell you those blades couldn't cut butter lol. I just sharpened up an old set to put on, I'm sure it will cut like a beast again. it's probably been 2 years since I put new blades on, it's the little things you forget. ha!
  12. 1984 workhorse gt1600, in my avatar.
  13. thanks. I'm at work and was doubting myself, but now that two of us are pretty sure I think I'm good to go. I had replaced all the belts and the deck seemed to bog down a lot, like it was all loaded up....nope the blades were sharp as spoons lol. that's what I get for using it to bushwhack / trailblaze.
  14. does anyone know the size of the nuts that hold the blades on the 42 and 48 side discharge decks? like 48ms03 and A5-42MS02? the manual and the parts listing don't show the size, I thought it was 1"1/8, but looking at the socket it looks small. I don't have the deck in front on me at the moment. thanks