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  1. Swemill

    My D-180 project

    Hi tommyg, sorry for the late reply... Yes, the parts are machined! You could see on my site how the coupler looked like as standard. There is also more pics of when it is modified. The pump coupler have i machined some splines in and also cut it in two plus bolts to secure it. However this coupler didn't work real well.... I put a lot of load on the front hitch and the tractor / frame bends a bit.... which result in forces on the pumpaxle and the axle sealing started to leak oil. The coupler was too tight! Later i remachined / welded it more like the original coupler with a large rubber plate and with more clearance. Now it works well! =)
  2. Swemill

    My D-180 project

    Thanks everybody for your nice comments! =) I will sure consider to be a Supporter next time i have some pics to show.
  3. Swemill

    My D-180 project

    Thanks! Well, It's "only" a Firebird but yes it's mine. =) Have had it since i was 18, that´s 25 years now.... There has been a lot of projects on that car also through the years. =D
  4. Swemill

    My D-180 project

    Unfortunately not allowed to upload more pics here... But you could se my D-180 project if you are interested - with some mods at my site: http://www.bengan.com/predator/ In the meny to the left - click Wheel Horse. I believe that it's quite unique... =) Sorry for the only Swedish...
  5. Thought I should share some pics of work with the D-180. My father needed a new layer with gravel stones on his yard and took the Horse to the local quarry. This is located about 7,5km away and gives a trip about 15km / 9 miles each turn. He drove 5 turns with no problem…. =) The first turn he took a little too much load and nearly got stuck in the hill with spinning tires… He had about 1350kg / 3000 pounds on the wagon. The other turns he got about 500 pounds less. With the biggest load this carriage weight was about 2800kg / 6200 pounds. Fairly heavy and it went very fast downhill’s…. The hydro couldn’t slow the speed down (from full hydro) because of the weight and mechanic brakes would be nice to have… With not full speed on the hydro before the downhill it worked better and it could hold the force.
  6. Swemill

    Action pics with loader!

    How much do you mean with high hydraulic pressure?I understand your reflection hodge71, but that has not been any problem at all and it handles a full bucket very well. Dont know what pressure i have but the loader needs 120 bar (1740 psi) to fully work and handle 500kg / 1100 Lb.
  7. Some new pics with my father doing some work for me with the D-180. Must say that it’s a true work horse and it did a great job! It moved a lot of heavy road material this afternoon and actually even ripped up the asphalt with the new tires at some places! =) 27 x 8.5 -15†Skid Steer tires at rear on 7x15†rims and 4.00 x 10†at front on 3.5x10†rims and homefabbed hubs. I have now also connected the hydraulic pump under the tractor to the pto with a driveshaft. Works really well and I can still also use the pto at the front! Next project on this tractor is to fix a foot-hydro control. That would be a great thing together with the loader!
  8. Swemill

    Calling all loader tractors.

    Alright, thanks for your info! I think i stick with the 440lb i have right now and see how it works. I also have BIG weights in the 15 inch rearwheels.... dont really know their weight but they are a pain in the ass to mount in the rims... I think i need a bit more counterweight than you guys with traditional loaders. My loader weights around 260 lb and everything hangs on the front hitch, which also has some weight... Now i also have 8 layer "skidsteer" rearwheels, so i think that will be fine, don't know how much weight the rearaxle can handle though....
  9. Swemill

    Calling all loader tractors.

    Hi loader enthusiasts! Curious on how much weight you use for counterweight? I have fabricated a new weight for my 3-point lift so i also can use the trailer together with it. Nice to be able to have it with me together with the loader and weight! Just to put it on the support and load it up.... =) Right now the counterweight weighs 200kg (440 ponds), but it seems a bit beneath the need. I can easy weight it up to 250kg (550 pounds), but i think it sounds like a lot of weight... How much do you use?
  10. Wow... Nice tires you've got there! Proberbly have missed it but what dimension are they?
  11. Swemill

    D series New member with a D-180

    Ok, just thought that i should show some new pics. I'm member at many other carclubs etc and also have web pages myself so i think that will be enough for me.
  12. Swemill

    D series New member with a D-180

    No problems with heat! At least not what i have noticed... I also use shoes when i drive my Horse! =) The exhaust gets very warm, but mostly at the front near the engine! I also have 2 glasspack mufflers (1 cut in 2) at the original mufflers place. Offcourse the system must generate heat also at the back but i think it does more good at winter than it does bad in summer...
  13. Swemill

    D series New member with a D-180

    Wow, thats cool! Where do you live? A friend of mine at work also has a c160. They seems real nice! Should you use the motor and pump for hydraulic attachments? I´m going to connect the pump with a driveshaft to the front pto axle. The motor needs more electric power than the small alternator could give....
  14. Swemill

    D series New member with a D-180

    Tried to upload some new pics on the latest project on the Horse but it says "you have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments"... Is this something new? Do i need to erase my old pics to upload new ones?
  15. Swemill

    Wanted to show you guys my d200

    Nice Horse! I'm also interested of the foot control... Could you maybe show us some more pictures and give some info about this!? I'm going to do this myself as soon as i get some time for it.