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  1. Cody

    mower deck care

    Yes same stuff just a different can, I usually put it on a little heavier just for a smoother finish. But holds up like iron
  2. Cody

    mower deck care

    I have tried many different products to save the underside of decks and the best thing I have found is a product called chip guard, I buy it at my local Napa auto parts but I'm sure many other stores sell it. It holds up for several years in fact it's been on my one deck now for at least 4 years and only touched up once by the discharge shoot.
  3. Cody

    Selling off most of collection

    Hello everyone I apologize I haven't had much time to get on here, iv been moving my business to our new location, moving into a new house and getting married this month needless to say I haven't had a lot of time to do anything. I'm trying to get back to everyone I'm sorry for taking so long. My phone number is 570-417-0607 and feel free to call me anytime as I don't get on here every day. Thank you for being so patient with me
  4. Cody

    Selling off most of collection

    The mighty Mac is spoken for, I will get pictures of the d series tractors tomorrow
  5. Cody

    Selling off most of collection

    I also did lower prices on most items
  6. Cody

    Selling off most of collection

    I'm getting things out of the barn as quickly as I can, thank you everyone for being so patient. I added a few more pictures today and will get more posted later this evening, if you have any questions feel free to call me, and I'm open to offers on anything
  7. Cody

    Selling off most of collection

    Ok guys I'm sorry today's been crazy and this is the first Iv got to sit down at the computer, the hy2 lift kit is sold, as well as the used two stage snow blower and 520 with 60" deck. Everything else is still for sale, more pictures will be posted tomorrow. Thank you for all the interest everyone
  8. Cody

    Selling off most of collection

    This has been a 12 year collection, it may be hard for me to part with some things but if the prices seem out of line please say something I'm trying to be fair with everyone.
  9. Cody

    Selling off most of collection

    $1200 for the new one and 750 for the lightly used one. Both are extremely nice.
  10. Cody

    Selling off most of collection

    Most of my round hood stuff is complete tractors, I do have some various rj and suburban parts like a good hood for suburbans I have a three piece transmission but it's in pieces (how I got it) and I'm not sure if all the parts are there honestly.
  11. Hi guys I'm looking to sell off a majority of my collection, I have several tractors, attachments, and parts, way to much to list, life's changing and I need to get rid of things. I have a nicely restored C-81 brand new long block kohler and 36" deck $750 obo, C-141 hydro runs well no smoke new front tires idler pulley and drive belt $500, electro 12 with newer short block kohler runs extremely well $500, C-100 with perfect high back seat and perfect tires engine knocks but I have a good engine for it $450, commando 8 runs well but is rusty has newer long block kohler$300, 857 with deck nice straight tractor runs good $400, 416H with 300 hours 42" sd deck 4 new tires and seat runs perfect paint is faded but mechanically 100% $1250. 44" 2 stage snow blower brand new $1200, 42" high shoot snow blower was brand new when I bought it I only used it one winter $500, mighty Mac chipper attachment$250, D 180 with new ag tires three point and rear pto 48" deck and 56" snow plow, several 48" snow plows, very nice 36" tiller with mid pulleys$400, 633 round hood with deck$350, 753 round hood restored $400, several tractors for parts or restore most of which ran when I parked them. Call with interests I have much more that's not listed and a building full of parts, way to many tractors to list, pictures will be coming soon. Also have a 520 with 60" deck $1500, and might possibly sell my D160 with twin onan three point rear pto mid grader blade, 48" mid deck 56" snow plow 60" rear finish mower single bottom plow and woods 60" back blade. Might also consider selling off my entire collection 40+ tractors all attachments and parts for the right offer. All prices are open to offers Some of the tractors I have for parts or restore are a B80, 2 C85s, C100 all are rusty but did run well when I parked them also have a c145 auto great tranny no engine, gt14 roller, c81, complete and nice 252h, 68 or 69 raider 10, all priced cheap because I don't wanna scrap them.
  12. I recently picked up a 7-1311 sickle bar for my 68 raider 12, the only part i am missing is the pulley that mounts on the engine, PN 5590. Does anyone know the correct diameter for this pully so i can machine one out. Thank you so much
  13. Yes that tractor is supposed to have the wood grain decals, looks like a sohid horse. Cant wait to see it restored :thumbs:
  14. You have a 1968 Electro 12, By the sounds of it the electric clutch went bad on it so they converted it to the manual pto clutch setup. Their great tractors, good luck with it
  15. Well im glad someone from here got them, i tried sense the day they were posted to buy them but all i got was a price threw email and an excuse everytime i asked to talk over the phone. They look great and im glad your getting them up and running Their a great addition to the collection.