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  1. Hey Bob, are these still available? Do you also sell the pads for the PTO brakes?
  2. eh2fay

    Re-powering my C-175 Air Horse

    How much you asking? Series I or II. Have a c175 I'm looking to redo and may need engine parts.
  3. eh2fay

    KT17 II overhaul

    I just bought a c175 Auto that has a kt17 series one. The motor has been taken apart by the PO as it blew a rod. When I have it rebuilt is there any way to modify the engine so that is more like the series two and doesn't have this problem again? Thanks guys
  4. eh2fay

    Dealer List

    I hear of a guy in the South Bend area(home of Wheelhorse) by the name of Gene Levan who had a dealership and sold the bldg but kept all the parts and he has lots of parts and NOS as well as tractors you can pick parts from. I'm still trying to find him but was told he lives on US 23 not far from Ireland. Anybody got any ideas where he is?
  5. I'm pretty new here on RS and have talked and met a couple of the members. I just started a restore on a C-105 and have a B-165 lined up next as well as a C-175 waiting in the wings. As you can tell I am a square hood kinda dude...but even I couldn't walk past this beauty when I saw it. I had to have help identifying it for sure so thanks Bill!! Found covered in dust and a pile of parts from other tractors on top was this little round hood beauty. Been told it is a '57 RJ-35. Side even has "Pond" stamped in the side and was told it looks complete and original. Needs some work but I'm just happy this little pony will be joining the herd.