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    1975c160auto,1975c160-8with 5hp honda future deisel tractor,1975c120 autoparts machine,1978c101trailer queen,1986308-8 with 13 hp honda,1987414-8 worker but in great shape,1989414-8 worker in ok shape 1990 312 hydro 1975 c160-8speed
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    contractor,remodling houses,stone mason for 20 years
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  1. can whlvr

    Can't raise mower deck all the way

    I too have some that go up high and some don't,i just put a newer 48 sd on a 414 and it lifts really high
  2. can whlvr

    Fixing a 90's Wheel Horse Tractor

    this was my first wheelhorse,bought it new in 86 and still have her,shes got a new engine now but ill allways keep her.i would change the oil in her after running for about 10 min.if it had rust on the cylinder as you said you need to get rid of the rust out of the engine,they don't take much oil and its good insurance,i would have pulled the head and had a peek inside and cleaned it first so you don't score the cylinder but its too late now,but definatly change the oil a few times to get rid of the rust
  3. can whlvr

    Upgrade Suggestions?

    I would buy that 160 and never look back,keep the oil up and she will be fine
  4. can whlvr

    Stupid question?

    up here all of our premium fuel is no ethanol,so we can get it at every station
  5. can whlvr

    Some Advice or Suggestions

    as replied already you have a few options,get the 520 and repair,hopefully it doesn't have a bad valve seat like many do,but if its a decent runner,it could be your winter machine,these tractors like the cold and its heat that the onan doesn't like,and with 20 ponies to power the blower you would never have too much snow for it,but I would keep in the garden tractor range of wheelhorses,then any other attachments(and what you already own work together,and as stated they will be similar so repair and maintance are easy,and I geuss as you already stated when a deal comes up you have to move fast
  6. can whlvr

    Is it a 1975?

    Nice c160 i have one also and love her,its one of my tractors i will never sell,sorry bout your back,lots of us can empathize,im in europe right now and cant do very many things because of back issues,it was really hard just flyin over here,bet you will miss that great tractor
  7. can whlvr

    Rear cable question on 308- 8

    ya but you still have the same seat frame that the rocker attaches to
  8. can whlvr

    Wrench size for blades?

    I too made a wrench for the back(spindle side)out of an old blade
  9. can whlvr

    Missed again

    I think you were smart to stop,for me 350 for a 10 hp tractor is too much
  10. can whlvr

    Hydro vs Manual deck height

    I have several decks from 36 to 48,they all cut different and some do as you say,i found the 48,s cut best
  11. can whlvr

    Push rake?

    I have the stihl paddle,works amazing,but at work I have about 2 miles of road with stone dust screenings,so I mounted the paddle to one of our zero turns with a quick connect hinge,and a bungee cord to hold the throttle open,it works amazing and is kind of fun to operate,and you can turn the paddle to push or pull the debris,if it were 2 times wider it would be better
  12. can whlvr

    Picked up 2 jewels today.

    I really like the case tractors,and theres a few around too
  13. can whlvr

    42" mower deck rebuild

    one word of advice,dont use cheap bearings,get good ones,its a lot of work to rebuild just to save a couple of bucks,try to stay away from china crap
  14. can whlvr

    Spring is coming to S C Pa.

    we just got 2 inches of snow in one hour