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  1. pacer

    engine parts supplier

    I have just finished what I believe is my 7th (maybe 8th?) rebuild using the Chinese rebuild kits off the bay. I sorta cringed on the first 2-3 times trying them, but now I just get on the bay and find an inexpensive and free ship and go. I have not done a rebuild with a rebore. I buy one of these horses that has been sitting many years and just to satisfy my curiosity on the condition of the engine, I'll tear it down and inspect everything and go back up with - usually - a new piston/rings and rod. So far .... I havent run upon one that needed boring.
  2. pacer

    onan 16 hp twin idles rough

    I second what bellvill sez --- I'm a recent owner of a 16hp Onan myself and boyoboy have I found how sensitive the carb is!! So indeed a GOOD cleaning is probably needed. You'll want to get a kit on hand first, you will need the caskets. I was disappointed in that I didnt see a kit with the main needle included - it did have the idle needle.
  3. pacer

    Deck Size vs Engine Power

    I had a 'factory' 1054 with 10hp running a 48"er and --- well, if I let the grass get a bit away from me it would strain. Long as I kept to a schedule and not let it get long, it did very well. I also had a C100 10hp with a 48"er and while I didnt run it a lot before selling it it also would struggle. Personally I would want at least a 14hp+ to run the 48".
  4. Me too, several times - never had a problem. Many of the tractors/engines I buy dont have a lift point and that is such a handy, easy mod.
  5. pacer

    D-200 Experience Anyone?

    I would think it sorta comes down to you --- do you enjoy 'tinkering' with these old horses? you just about have to enjoy it! at their age they usually need attention. In my case 'tinkering' with them is really what I enjoy the most, and often when finished I sell them (and, yes usually take a loss!) If you primarily want to use it - mowing, plowing, towing, etc - then better to buy ...... one of mine?? As always location bears greatly on cost. I recently sold a D180 that I had gone through grill to hitch, asking 1500 and ended up taking 1300. Around here horses are relatively scarce and unknown, probably in the more norther states I might have asked - and got? - $2000+ Then, there is the appearance factor, The 'Big D's' have a more 'love/hate' factor in them. Some love them (like me) and others think they are just plumb ugly - go figure....
  6. pacer

    C165 front wheel/rim replacement

    Probably many rims will interchange......from what I've found the axle length is pretty much the determining factor - IIRC falls in the 3 to 4" lengths. A couple time I have used a rim that was a 1/4-1/2" shorter and used a spacer to make up the difference. But unless they are REALLY bad I just put tubes in.
  7. Many years ago when I was employed at 'a major airline' (Delta) I was the mechanic for ground equip, bag carts, etc. The baggage carts used 5.70x8 tires and would wear fairly quickly so I changed a LOT of tires! Pretty quickly I discovered that by using a 5.70x8 tube that it would often get a fold inside the tire when aired and with the fold flattened it would crack and get a leak there. So, I started using a 4.10 tube and it would not get a fold and decreased my flat tires greatly. I have followed that thru with my horses and use one or two sizes smaller tube - I havent seen a fold crack in a long time. I like to use the comparison of when we were kids and swam with inner tubes we would 'blow' them up to huge sizes
  8. pacer

    1054 steering issue

    You've probably 'jumped' a tooth or two on the fan gear. With wheels straight the fan gear should be centered on the steer shaft. You probably have slack in the bushings allowing it to slip past a tooth.
  9. pacer

    Noisy engine.

    Do some research on parts availability --- Pistons will be easy, theyre same as the K301, and a gasket set is available, but rods however can be the BIG problem. I rebuilt both my 180 and 200, luckily only needing fresh rings. But on both I had to have a rod - on one a bolt stripped and other had visible scoring. On one I quickly found a NOS on the bay, a guy had stumbled across in some parts he had bought. On the other, I prowled the bay and google for some 4-6 weeks when a couple used was offered as being "good to excellent" and after the seller gave 'strong' assurance that they were well within tolerance, I bought one of them -- and indeed it was good. Another problem I have up here in N La (Shreveport) is there are NO small engine machine shops that can do cranks/bore, luckily both mine were well in std tolerance.
  10. pacer

    What do I need for my Wheel Horse Today?

    Mcmaster will almost certainly have them. I have had to go to them several times for odd ball bolts/nuts - and strangely enough their ship charges are still VERY reasonable!
  11. pacer

    Noisy engine

    I have a 200 and a 180 and ---- well, .... looking at it from a new owners point of view, it just might seem a bit noisy, especially comparing to newer engines. As mentioned the Kohlers do seem to be some what noisy and shake, but they just "take a liking and keep on ticking" But, try and get a friend or neighbor or ?? to listen to it and get another opinion - or two. If it is a rod or piston or ?? then you sure would want to get it corrected before it comes apart. And welcome, not many of us horse lovers down here in the deep south. That "Big D" is a heck of a tractor and you oughta love it.
  12. pacer

    Are All Key Switch Brands The Same?

    I've bought 4-5 from my local Oreilly auto parts store, about $12, and have never had a prob - and they usually have both with magneto term and 'plain'. Have also seen them in couple other parts stores....
  13. Shortly after I started getting "horse fever" buying them sitting out in fields, back of barns, etc and discovering the - usually - rusted, pitted rims and quickly decided that a relatively inexpensive tube was THE way to go! Occasionally when I have a difficult tire mount facing me and I am gonna go to the local tire place to get them installed I'll let them go ahead and inflate the tires -- on a reasonably clean rim!
  14. pacer

    How Do You Sharpen Your Blades?

    I use a 4 1/2" grinder with a 36grit disc ---- and I quit trying to balance long ago after taking about 1/4-3/8" off perfectly good blades hunting that sweet spot. And I cannot tell a bit of difference in deck smoothness. This IS on the horses and misc other tractors/push mowers -- with the high blade speeds on the ZTR's it would be much more critical.
  15. This is what I use also --- one of the best additions I've added to my shop!!