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  1. jaydeer

    Trade for 875 in good condition

    Looking for a good running 875 with mower deck to use for cutting around trees. Have several items that would trade, either even up or cash to match condition. D160, 953, 520 needing rear valve seat, or other things I have in my collection. Will be going to the show. Would consider 876 or 877 or 1075. Short frame hydro can send pics
  2. do you have a 1045 still for sale?

    1. jaydeer


      No it has been sold

  3. jaydeer

    Magnum carburetor adjustment

    I have a 418 A that is running what I believe to be too rich of a fuel mixture by all indications. Has a walbro carb that only has an idle speed adjust. Is there any way to adjust the fuel mixture on this carb? I am looking into a couple other possibilities such as electrical also but it certainly acts like it is getting too much fuel.
  4. jaydeer

    Wanted C160 or c165

    I am looking for another c160 or c165. Have many wheel horse tractors for trade or can buy, prefer to trade but do have cash. Would like hydro but 8 speed fine. Have a lot of collectible tractors to trade for a solid running 16 horse. Deck an attachments not important. Located in western pa.
  5. jaydeer


    I have one that is complete and runs. Decent shape. Located in western pa. Email if interested
  6. jaydeer


    Anyone interested in a get 14 tiller complete but in need of cleaning up?
  7. jaydeer

    Snow Blower turning backwards

    Looks like you have a few ideas to work with. It is totally different from mine. I was going to get a pic tonight but it will not help.
  8. jaydeer

    Newbie first tractor: GT14 HELP!

    If you are having trouble with getting the engine to run smoothly check to see where your throttle linkage hooks on at the top of the carb. If you have a lot of play where the shaft goes into the top of the carb you could be sucking in air and need to replace the throttle shaft bushing. I have seen that issue on a number of GT14s and other models.
  9. jaydeer

    702 CL Pickup

    Been looking at a roundhood on Erie Craigslist for a while and finally enough snow has melted that I could go look at it. Picked it up as it has a 7hp starter generator Kohler and the hydraulic lift set up. Side panel states 702. My question is was this a typical setup for that model, as usually the second number, in this case 0 designates a pull start. In looking at the gallery TT has one that looks similar. Is this another case of a variance in the wheel horse numbering system, or could this be an owner modification. I will check the ID tag tomorrow and hopefully get a pic up, along a salvaged 704
  10. Always nice to hear another one isn't getting crushed and sent to China. I got a call from a friend that an local guy had an old wheel horse that he was going to scrap the other day. Turned out to be a complete but rough 704. Now sits in the drive awaiting for warm weather so the rear end thawsout and I can move it.
  11. jaydeer

    953 value question

    THanks for the feedback. The frustration is I know that the owner paid 400.00 for it (I know the guy he bought it from) I worked on tracking it down for a year, found it and the guy said he would sell, knocked me over when he said he wanted 1200 for it, then said he would trade for an 8 speed. I swapped a 312 for a decent C120, added a deck, drove back over and said his tractor would be worth 800, mine around 600, going high end on both. SO it would be a tractor and 200. He said the C120 was too old, not what he was looking for.(even though it was 10 years newer than his.) Then I couldnt get a price plus trade from him. AAARGH. I totally agree with not doing things for the money, and I constantly trade, swap and sell for the fun of it. THis one has just been a major exercise in frustration, especially since the guy wants to use the tractor to mow the edge of a pasture only and is really a decent guy, just thinks he has something thats worth its weight in gold. We will see what today brings.
  12. jaydeer

    953 value question

    I know value questions are hard to answer without pics but I am looking at a very clean nice running 953 with a good deck. Owner asking1000 to 1200. My thoughts are a bit much, not worth more than 800. ANy thoughts?
  13. jaydeer

    Gt 14 value?

    Depending on condition (tires, seat, deck condition, if you have elec PTO working)you are probably looking at 250 to 500. The PTO is sought after. Overall there are still quite a few around but average selling price seems to be around 400.00.
  14. I am looking at a c161 twin that the rearend is toast. I was told the rearend was an Eaton 11. My question is can I replace this with a sundstrand and if so are there any major modifications or is it a bolt on replacement? My thoughts are it should be. ANyone with any info is appreciated.
  15. Dang that is just what I have been looking for. It does look like the right gas tank if my memory serves me correct.