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  1. Howie

    Engine oil

    I believe the ZDDP was reduced because it does not play well with the catalytic convertors and not needed with the roller cams they use today. Where the rode on the cams they needed it for the lubrication.
  2. Howie

    Engine oil

    Oil is one of those subjects that gets all sorts of opinions. But I still remember from the days of going to the update classes and one of the instructors telling us that using the 10w30 could be done but to expect more consumption. I believe by and large these air cooled engines run hotter than water cooled brethren. Oil is just not for lubrication but cooling also. We do not always think of that. Yes most of the ZDDP has been removed from modern oils. I am not to sure how big of a problem that is in these engines, spring pressure is not that high on these and the cam and rappers would be the affected parts. I know on at non roller cams it is by and large when spring pressure goes up the problems arise, like 130 to 140 seat pressure which is way more than we experience on these. So saying all that I have only used HD 30 in my stuff for years and 10w30 in winter. Does not mean it is 100 percent correct just what happens here. I know a worn engine would not get the multi weight here due to the increased clearances
  3. Howie

    Prayers please

    You are struggling with this but we have an awesome God who has said he will always be with us. WE do not see the whole picture and we must trust him but from experience I can tell you that is not always easy. I struggled with that earlier this year when i lost my wife. Our prayers and yours for Emory are what we can do. My prayers go with you.
  4. Howie


    I was going to ask you if you saw the Rockford Firebird. On that 71 I had to pull out my GTOAA identification guide on the color because i couldn't remember because it looks like the 70 Orbit orange to me. There is a local show here someone brings a Henry J gasser, not near as nice as that one though. Some of these old builds look scary to me. Although they do look cool! local guy has a 55 Chevy with the straight front axle been sitting in his building for years.
  5. Howie


    Looking at that '71 Judge if the color is what I think it is that was not an offered color that year. Would have been a special order color. This one of one thing can get ridiculous, it can be anything but may not even affect the value. Just a talking point. There are a lot of very nice looking cars in that show, even though Pontiac is my preferred I enjoy all of them.
  6. Howie


    I would liked to get to that show before I get to old! I am a Pontiac guy thru and thru and own a 70 GTO. Need to get it finished up though. Restro started several years ago it has gotten pushed to the side so to speak. not a muscle but first hot rod was a 55 Chieftan with a 389 I put in it, had a 66 Lemans with a 428 big car engine in it.
  7. Howie

    Starter Solenoid Question

    That's exactly what I did with my 69 Raider 12.
  8. I echo the Happy Veterans Day to my fellow veterans. WE had a veterans day celebration at the high school this year. A brain child of the local veterans service officer. Brought all the high school and middle school children in for it which I thought was great. We had 13 WWII vets there from our small town.
  9. Was at the Studebaker Museum in October, they have Wheel Horse's in their lower storage then. There are only just a few. I have wanted to go by the plant sight but did not know exactly which one it was. Chandler's I know where it was.
  10. Those cars in the Pontiac dealership are 1962 cars.I like my Pontiacs so it is cool the pump came from one of their deaalerships!
  11. I would just retorque the ones you removed. I think bolts are good for a few times of removal and retorque. Probably will not overstretch unless over torqued. I have history in the bolt making industry just not in the lab testing end of it. They are sort of elastic so to speak until their limit is reached. Just do not know the cycle limit.
  12. Howie

    The 854--Comanche

    Back when I plowed more with my 12hp I would grab the lift lever and take the slack out of it when got close to the end.When the tractor came up out of the furrow plow would be about to the top of the unplowed ground. Hurt my shoulder doing it like Caleb. Couldn't even begin to do it his way today at my age!
  13. Here are three I found; eVoc Learning, Penn Foster Career School, and Stratford Career Institute. When I was just out of high school I started one with Lincoln Technical. Belsaw used to have one, father-in-law took it when he retired.
  14. I fixed one off an Ariens with that problem, ground the epoxy out around the wire repaired it . Verified it worked and refilled epoxy area.
  15. Howie

    cast iron 16 horse Briggs

    That pulley you are wrapping your rope around is your belt pulley.