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  1. zieg72

    Snap On toolbox set, top and bottom

    Changed Status to Active Decided this must find a new home, $950 anyone?
  2. zieg72

    Snap On toolbox set, top and bottom

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Dated 1987 this 12 drawer top and 7 drawer bottom is For Sale. The model numbers are KR537D and KR557D and both locks are keyed alike and comes with 1 key. These are roughly 30 miles north of St. Louis, MO.
  4. zieg72


    yep, the buyer did all the arranging. Trying to explain what I was trying to do to an employee was the problem.... I know what I need to do from now.
  5. zieg72


    Frustrating. Got to the store and of course there is one fairly new employee, had no idea on shipping, I had to explain it to her. 5 customers had to come first, then move a truck to get the fork truck out. ARGHHH. Got er done though.
  6. zieg72


    Thanks for the advice, I just called the store to initiate. I will use the link
  7. zieg72


    I've been trying to get Fastenal to quote shipping? Do they not want the business? Do you have to hound them for a quote?
  8. I've gotten 20 email notifications from AMC Rules???

    1. muz123


      me too, Also were is the shout box?

    2. zieg72


      Fixed it, haven't got another since I changed the notification settings.

  9. So far so good.  I like the feel!!!

  10. zieg72

    What was your first wheel horse?

    1996 269H when I couldn't afford a new 520H.
  11. I have been visiting my cousin frequently since the early 70's when they moved to Brighton from Bethalto. Spent my summers down there as a kid.
  12. zieg72

    Quick question on 520s and attachments

    To use the snow plow you will need a completing kit which moves the whole plow frame 7 inches forward but all other attachments should work fine. Put a rockshaft under the seat and the hydro lift cable and tube and that tiller works fine. When I had my 520's and 400 series everything switched around fine
  13. Pictures would help narrow, hubcaps went plastic, steering wheel changed as did the foot rest non-skid as did the brake pedal.
  14. zieg72

    New engine for 269H

    I sold my 269H a few years ago running strong. I can tell you the hydro usually gives up before the engine. I see most folks give up trying to fix them due to not finding a good hydro unit for it so you may luck out finding and engine.