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  1. Prior to restoration I knew I needed a seat...The whole project pivoted on " Could I find an original OEM seat ? "...I worked on Wheel horses for years and I knew what I was getting into and all the other parts I would need... I wanted this tractor the exact same way I purchased it back in 1985...and did I luck out when after 2 weeks I found an brand new original seat .I knew that was a good sign that the machine restoration would be successful. I enjoyed every minute of it and all the memories I had of using the machine throughout all four seasons as I grew up. This machine was so dependable..I couldn't let it down and the restoration had to be perfect in my eyes...This was the least i could do for this machine, seeing it performed beyond expected for the 30 years I had it... I just glad i grew up in that era when these machines were built ...I just shake my head at all the throw away machines they sell today...
  2. Regal Red from Rustoleum if I needed to spray small parts and the transmission. High Gloss- high heat enamel for the engine ....but 95% of the machine was powder coated after sandblasting. We just matched up the paint that was underneath the hood and rear fender area because those areas were never exposed to direct sunlight. It was tedious and a little more expensive, but well worth it
  3. Yes, that seat cost me $450.00 and i was lucky to find that one still in the box unopened from a dealer in PA. Thank God for EBAY.... While restoring this machine I purchased a 1984 416-8, because I needed a tractor during the winter to run the 38" Ber Vac 2 stage blower. The 416 was tired but did its job...Once I finished the 414 , I started the 416 restoration....but I could not find another seat...My 416 is now the work horse mowing in the summer and blowing snow in the winter... and I just drive the 414 around the yard just to prevent the carb from gumming.... When I was younger I was a mechanic at a Gravely, IH Cub Cadet Dealership back in the late 70s. They were great machines to work on ...but I always liked the Wheel horses... This 414-8 was the first wheel Horse I purchased...I guess this restoration was a a mid life crisis for me....not so bad... Thanks for all your kind comments Below is the 416-8 restoration with the 38" Ber Vac Blower also restored...bad seat though
  4. Some pictures of my 1985 414-8..fully restored. Carb, Motor and Transmission fully torn down and rebuilt with all OEM parts.. All new OEM belts, PTO rebuilt with new OEM bearings and clutch. Frame and body parts and wheels sand blasted and powder coated. Hub Caps re- chromed New tires. Electrical harness repaired where needed. 48" Mower deck is brand new... Total cost for parts including deck..$4500.00 132 hours of exciting and rewarding labor... Good for another 40 years...(That's if i use it !)
  5. Mike336

    A lot of snow

    My 416-8 worked well in 20" of snow with the 38" two stage ber vac blower ......best bet is to get out there when you have no more than foot to 14" at a clip, use low gear....or 1st high and feather the clutch....don't take bites any longer than the length of the tractor ,,back out of the snow and keep your paths wide so the machine doesn't get stuck...Just take your time....
  6. Just recently fully restored my 1987 Bervac two stage blower. This blower did come with the white discharge chute. This blower never broke down and was always reliable.. even in 30" snowfalls. .you just could not stop it.. Behind it is my 1985 416-8 which was restored last year. Both tractor and blower were fully restored, sandblasted and powder coated. Hopefully to last another 30 years...
  7. Mike336

    K341 head gasket

    Sounds to me like a breather problem or oil control ring issue ...
  8. Mike336

    exhaust gasket?

    Another way of loosining those bolts...Run the engine for one hour... then soak the bolts with PB blaster...Metal will expand enough to move those bolts...I have been doing it this way for many years...Always works....unless those bolts are so rusted and weak...