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  1. A 520H weighs about 650#. And the 60" inch deck is in the vicinity of 275#. I'm not positive of deck weight, but I know a 48" deck weighs 168#. Cory
  2. It's A LOT odd to not have a hour meter. Sounds like when running rough, FIRST, clean carb thoroughly. Does the seller have a reasonable guess to hours? I would be very suspicious of this deal. Cory
  3. I 2nd Garry in this... Although I Did not know about the 73501 not having the rubber/plastic foot rests. Cory
  4. Not "today" but picked up a 417a 1985. Lots of parts came with it!
  5. Cee245

    2 Stage snow blower

    Could you post a pic of what needs fixed? Thank you
  6. Cee245

    To Purchase or not to purchase?

    I'm with @shallowwatersailor on this. Emergency funds are for just that, emergencies... example... car or tractor breaking down and inopportune times. Sorry to be the downer on this thread! Cory
  7. Cee245

    Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    @Tractorhead, Very interesting idea. Never thought about that before. This time For ME is just a simple old shed to back yard and new one built on site. Cory
  8. Cee245

    Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    The fire was caused by a short in the power strip above the work bench... Not sure what you mean by a basement? I'm just going from a 10x20 to a 12x24 shed. Just built on 4x4s Cory
  9. Cee245

    Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    Update: I will be getting a new shed built in the next few weeks. Local Amish crew are doing the work. Old shed is 10x20 and after getting insurance check, I can upgrade to a 12x24. Plan for the old shed is to rip out all inside osb and insulation and repair a few spots on the outside. Then move it to the back yard and have my 9yr old and 7yr old twins use it as a club house! They are super excited. The larger shed will help with storage of my new 417A and load of parts and a possible 314h with 2 Stage set up. Maybe I should cancel the club house and store a tractor or 2 there! Cory
  10. Cee245

    417a info needed

    I picked up my new to me 417A today. I got even more parts than I was expecting by a lot! 300, 400, 500 series parts: 2 seat pans 12 hp kohler 91 swept axle with everything 520 hood 91 Eaton 1100 95% there Basically too much to list... Tons of misc bolts, washers brackets ect. I will be going through everything and decide what I'd like to keep and selling the rest. So don't be afraid to ask about anything you see. Cory.
  11. Cee245

    314-8 Value

    As @stevasaurussaid, a lot depends on location, condition/hours, and what you and buyer can agree on. Based off the deal I'm picking up tomorrow and a potential one, in my humble opinion, I'd say about 600. In my area, WH's may be more plentiful here compared to your area. Very nice machine though. Cory
  12. Cee245

    Mule drive safety cover jam.

    Just loosen tension on the belt. Remove cover and clean out debris. Doesn't take very long to do. 10 minutes Cory
  13. Cee245

    Another potential package 314h

    I have been trying to get a hold of the seller today with no luck on the 314h. Worse case is I get to pick my new to me 417A. With tons of extra parts. Looking forward to swaping out parts for certain set ups that I want.
  14. Hey guys, I already am going to pick up a 417a with a bunch of extra parts next week and then I noticed a nice 1996 anniversary 314H with 42" RD and 2 stage. All looks in good used condition for a good price. I am thinking of going the extra hour next week and picking the 314h up as well. If I end up getting the 314h package, then I swear I won't look for or buy anything else. Cory