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  1. Are you still looking for a deck for your 312?

    What size? I have a good used 36" RD.


  2. nhunt308

    68 lawn ranger for mower deck for 312-8

    have a 68 lawn ranger i restored a couple years ago (not correct motor) would like to trade for a good deck for my 312
  3. nhunt308

    Shop interior walls

    T111 exterior pre finished plywood sheets... hang it and done, no finishing required and durable as well..
  4. nhunt308

    Santa Letting it Loose at the Lake

    Wish it was that warm here, I would love to join that Santa
  5. nhunt308

    What did Santa bring you?

    Haha, no it has found it home in the garage now..
  6. nhunt308

    What did Santa bring you?

    Here is what Santa brought me
  7. Whatever you come up with keep me in mind for a 12 to 16 hp auto with a 42 or bigger deck to pick up at the spring get together!
  8. nhunt308

    Blew my mind!!

    I'm looking aluminum hull also. . I was looking at the Lowe fishing machine. 16 or 17ft. I live on a small private lake and don't need to go very fast. The fish don't have far to run...
  9. nhunt308


    HF predator swap is how you make that ranger run AJ...
  10. nhunt308

    Blew my mind!!

    Great looking ranger by the way, I have been trying to convince the wife that "we"" need" a fishing boat...for a couple years... still don't have one though...
  11. nhunt308

    1968 wheel horse lawn ranger

    Looks great !!! when you don't have parts just make them!
  12. nhunt308

    Blew my mind!!

    But I CAN catch that guy and tell him what he did wrong!
  13. nhunt308

    Blew my mind!!

    Nope, I grew up with a lake out the back door. I will never be "that" guy!
  14. nhunt308

    Blew my mind!!

    This boats is not much for fishin but I am also on the water most of the time in the summer...