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  1. I have a snowthrower Model 6-2211 and looking for the following parts. I Check with my tractor guy and he does not have any and referred me to here. I am looking for the following: Bar-Belt Guide Part # 5368 Nut 3/8-16 Nylok Part # 915113-6 Idler Pulley Part # MW 8821 Nut Hex 3/8-16 Jam Part # 915236-4 Bracket-Idler Part # 5619 Spacer Part # 4937 Bolt-Hex 3/8-16x21/4 Anyone with information or has some or all these please let me know on this thread or contact me at 937-417-2540, email: village199@roadrunner.com I would appreciate any parts or info on where to obtain them.
  2. village199

    snowthrower drive belt issues

    Thanks Garry does the extra pulley attach where the bolt goes thru the frame? That's the way I am reading in the manual. or does it mount to the frame of the blower itself?
  3. I have a wheelhorse commando 6 tractor model 1-4631 and a snowthrower model 6-2211, got new belt and installed on tractor pulley when I engage thrower it works fine but when disengage the thrower the drive belt always comes of the tractor pulley. What am I doing wrong? Any info would be greatly appriecated.
  4. New to the site and just figuring everything out. I was looking for one Model #6-2211and if anyone has any info please let me know or call me at 937-417-2540, locate in Ohio just north of Dayton.