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  1. Mr. 856

    1972 Sears SS15

    Back alive. New starter switch and solenoid. Not sure what one caused the burn down but both were suspect. Reworked some wiring and whala....shes a runner again. What a pain in the n@%ts to get to the solenoid. Now if I can just download some pics.
  2. Mr. 856

    1972 Sears SS15

    I knew it was to good to be true. Went out to fire her up this morning. She chugged and chugged and then a large plume if smoke came from behind the dash. She shut down and battery isn't even clicking her over. Opened the hood and there was a major meltdown of wiring..........like big time. Winder if the huge mouse nest has anything to do with it? Going to have to pull dash apart to get to wiring and clean out nest. I new it was to good to be true. A $225 tractor with no issues..... Yah right!
  3. Mr. 856

    1972 Sears SS15

    Won't let me put any pics up do to size?
  4. Mr. 856

    1972 Sears SS15

    The gentleman I bought it from had one of those nice and shiny green and yellow things he bought this past fall with a blower but never got to use it due to lack of snow. He no longer needed the Sears so I gladly removed it from his hands. Between the bucket and plow I've already done some yard cleanup. Loving this tractor. Seems well built, runs awesome. What more could I ask for? I'd LOVE to find a loader for it. Pics coming!
  5. Mr. 856

    1972 Sears SS15

    I wasn't even looking for a tractor. Matter a fact I'm not far from getting the 856 back together. A local retired guy put up an add for a SS15 with a schlew of attachments. For a whopping $225. I was on it like white on rice. Tank of a tractor with chains, rear weights, and rear concrete block. Came with snow blower, plow, mid mount grader blade, front manual tip bucket, mower deck, sickle mower, a rear plow, and a rear disk harrow. He even delivered the tractor to my house as it was hairy trying to get it into my truck. Have been using her the past two evenings. All original, missing right side foot board, lights dont work(blown fuse). I think I did well. pictures to follow.
  6. Mr. 856

    i hate moving

    I feel your pain. We are moving into our 2nd house in approx 6 months or so. Funny thing is our first move was literally across the street. This move is an 1/8 mile away.......gotta love living on the compound. Out grew our current place with two little ones. Time for a but more space. Better place to raise the boys. Good luck on your move. I'm dreading all the packing and moving of stuff I have acquired over the years.
  7. Mr. 856

    Condolences for JERSEYHAWG/Glenn

    So sorry for your loss. Its never an easy time. Hold your loved ones close. Prayers for you and your family.
  8. Mr. 856

    K321 condensor wire

    "Don't worry be happy" ….....sounds so easy doesn't it? Stress is a killer. It caused me to throw in the white flag after 12 years as a service manager. Stress is no fun and some of us just deal with it differently then others. Today I try to as stress less as possible.
  9. Mr. 856

    wanted: 856 wheel hub

    I need one good wheel hub for an 856. Must have good key way. The one I have is to sloppy around key area. Only need one but would consider a good pair. I live in CT for shipping purposes.
  10. Mr. 856

    RJ58 Progress

    I've considered putting one on my 856. Are you serious that an RJ can handle an FEL?
  11. Mr. 856

    wheelhorse restore

    To me a restoration is returning said restoration project back to its original state. Nothing more nothing less. Every nut and bolt should be original or replaced with exact specs. It should look the way it came from the dealer or showroom floor.
  12. Mr. 856

    Gaskets..after paint. Kohler K181

    When I did mine I just put the gaskets on with no issues. Retorque the head after it gets hot then cools down. I think that's all you have to do.
  13. Mr. 856

    Good weekend job

    I received one for Christmas. Going to put it up soon.
  14. Mr. 856

    Never lets me down.

    As do I! Great machine.
  15. If only I had a money tree. Need a bass boat?