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  1. russtiron

    RJ-35 survivor

    Very early 55 for sure Tank stand and aluminum wheel plus the rare two piece front wheels In the pictures it is unclear if it has the one piece front axle stop or none . also does it still have the cable steering set up? and are the rear wheels held on with a snap ring or a cotter pin? I believe what someone told me about early cable steer models being converted to later style solid linkage and that the rear snap ring was replaced with a cotter pin It would have had the brass stop button also. No tag or serial number on tractor Nice find!
  2. russtiron

    Clinton Rebuild

  3. russtiron

    Best Mouse nest in awhile....

    Not Wheel Horse I still have to share, This nest was in the cylinder block of a Centaur model G2 I purchased at auction
  4. russtiron

    1957 RJ35

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. russtiron

    Ohio auction yesterday

    I thought the crowd would be bigger . Boxes of N.O.S. engine parts were cheep 10-20 average .They did not sell all the parts advertised, I think they sold the obsolete stuff and kept the newer stuff . most collectors were there for the old stuff anyway. I only made one purchase and left by noon , so I didn`t get prices on tractors . I got the 55 rj35 early model with tank stand, aluminum wheel original engine two piece front wheels missing Schnacke recoil and correct intake belt guard and oil bath air filter. I spoke with one of the owners and he said they took it in on trade about 30 years ago and was sitting on a shelf since.
  6. russtiron


  7. russtiron

    1957 RJ35

    1957 RJ35 Last ran about two years ago Has correct engine , air filter and reverse disc . Original tires one has rip in sidewall belt guard has hole cut some original paint hood has primer with filler in it $1000. firm Thanks Chuck
  8. My brother in law had a Stihl that wouldn`t run right ,so I looked at it for him and found the problem ,the carburetor is made in China so much for German engineering.
  9. Excellent collection!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  10. Hi John I saw pictures of your tractor when it was for sale and if it wasn`t in Canada I would have went for it.This tractor is a tru survivor ,from what I can see the only original parts missing are the engine tins ,Schnacke recoil assembly and the belt guard.The Kohler Schnacke comes up on E-bay from time to time.Excellent find! Keep the photo`s coming Chuck
  11. russtiron

    Bearing cross

    I have replaced my bearings about a month ago and Gary is right B1012 was the correct bearing Chuck
  12. russtiron

    Small collection ( literally)

    Nice collection! It`s hard to find original condition stuff.
  13. russtiron

    Recovered an RJ 58

    Nice find!!! thanks for the pic`s Chuck
  14. russtiron

    Early Schnacke?

    Try This e bay auction I have purchased this from the seller before 321300025318