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    314 wont start

    where would the fuses be, as stated in the topic title, its a 1996 314 hydro with a kohler motor...... the only thing i think would be my problem, i hooked up an external light and mounted on the hood from a hole from the PO and straight wired it with a in line fuse that i put in when i want the light on, its a one wire light grounded by tightening it to the hood...i have no idea what the problem is....anyone have a part number for this ignition?? its five prong like this.. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
  2. 314hydro

    314 wont start

    yes, tried jumpin it after i ran battery dead....no help...its like theres no juice dude, its not a dead battery, i turned it over for 15 minutes, even if the battery was dead, the amperage i put into it would have started it....not the battery.... check the spark by pulling it out putting the boot back on and laying on the engine block, and jumped the solenoid even....don't understand why my gauges and "check" lights arent lighting up when i hit the lil black button like they usually do, i just used it yesterday...im friggin stumped
  3. 314hydro

    314 wont start

    :thumbs: she wont start, my red lights on my dash wont light up, battery gauge doesn't move when i turn the key over, took spark plug out and no spark to the plug.......any ideas??? ignition switch was pretty gunky looking when i took it out, i have no idea what to do...... :whistle:
  4. ...then all of the sudden i heard a popping noise, now the lever is easier to move but my tractor is alot slower when i have the lever all the way forward to unleash the ponies, but i think a deere could out run me right now....btw this is after i had numerous problems getting my 48 dozer blade mounted, i love the eaton 1100 but i hope this isn't a serious issue, any suggestions.....help!!!!!! :hide:
  5. wow...you gotta be shittin me??? 96 dollars for a rear axle bracket from toro and not only was it late being shipped, but it didn't come with any of the hardware...the closing brackets..top flat stock to mount to the axle, what a crock!!! all i wanna do is play on my damn tractor and i just can't see it in my future....regretfully there will probably be a 96 314 hydro for sale on here soon....im soo damn frustrated :omg:
  6. once again im on my knees pleading for help lol, i need some tire chains for my unit, mount will be here tomorrow and still bleeding wheel horse red, i think the only remedy is to get on my old 314 n let them ponies run, 1 1/2 straight pipe really sounds good on a cold day.... so anyone know where i can get a set for cheap, xmas has absolutely killed me this year, and with a baby on the way, the old lady doesn't give me much of an allowance for my "toys" well, there necessities to me, any help would be greatly appreciated :D
  7. first off, let me say thank you for the .....i ordered the rear axle mount today...part # 104659-01, i sure hope its the right one for me, they got a couple on ebay for 109, i paid 93, with two day shipping from shoptoro.com... thanx a bunch stephen from millersburg for all your help and kelly i don't need one now...hopefully... i cant wait til tuesday, ill plow dirt if i have to Attached Image
  8. can anyone help me? im from elkhart, IN and am in need of a rear axle mount for my 1996 hydro, it has the Eaton 1100 hydro rearend, bought a set of homemade ones off ebay, but they would not work, no matter which way i tried to put them on...any help would be greatly appreciated, we got about 4 inches last nite, maybe more, and im dying to plow , thanks for any help. im new to this site and feel very welcomed, stephan in millersburg is a really nice guy, very helpful with limitless knowledge...first time user to any site like this...but wow...where have i been..i guess looking for help in all the wrong places...btw..i have a newer style long frame plow and 3/4 bar at the rear of the plow does not go to the outside of the frame! my email address in crazyhoosier@verizon.net Attached Image