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  1. artfull dodger


    Great looking tractor, oil leak is most likely the crankshaft seal under the flywheel as stated, can be fixed with the engine in the tractor easily. A fresh key switch obviously and I also like to keep the nice quiet starting of the "starter gen" style set up without the high amp relay. But that is a personal choice and solely up to you. Its a shame the techys had such a crab carb design, really tainted the brand even before the SSI issues that plague so many of them now. Those early dip stick style engines are a PITA to check oil levels with the stick. Mike the Aspie
  2. artfull dodger

    Show me your tires! I need some.

    Here are my Carslile 10.50's on the back of my short frame. Just got them from the local indoor flea market thanks to a good friend that spotted them while shopping with his family. . Mike the Aspie
  3. artfull dodger

    The Horse has some new shoes

    A friend (Allis Chalmers GT guy) gave me a heads up over the weekend that the local indoor flea market had a set of ag tires in one of the booths. I was able to go shopping there today and kept my eyes open for them. For $75, I got a pair of 23 10.50-12 USA made Carslile bars, on what look like Cub Cadet rims that are pretty close to NOS(still some nubs on them). They really "beef" up the look of the custom Horse. Mike the Aspie
  4. artfull dodger

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    No new pics of my snow rig yet, still in grass cutting and leave chopping mode right now. We are a one Horse family, so she wont get the blade, weights and chains till closer to Thanksgiving unless we get an early storm. Mike and Michele T
  5. artfull dodger

    Portland summer 2018

    Tell me about it, will post a few pics later once I get them downloaded off my phone. Got the Horse stuck once, was unable to go down many isles of the swap meet due to the mud bog it was. Needed my Honda Recon 250 to get around if those were not outlawed(yet massive lifted golf carts and super wide gator style things are OK????) Definatly need some bar tires on the Horse. Almost put on my snowchains but it would have made for a rough ride on the city streets from the Boy Scouts parking lot to the show. Only bought one smal thing, a red flashing barricade light for the last car on my ride on scale train(required at most club tracks that last car have red light or lantern) Mike the Aspie
  6. artfull dodger

    Portland summer 2018

    I am loading up now, will try to get a few pics while driving around. Thanks to a shutdown week at work next week, I have nothing to spend, so just there to enjoy the sights. Mike the Aspie
  7. artfull dodger

    Dark Blue K-Series

    I have a ride on scale train in my back yard, the little switcher engine we have has a K91T that came new from Kohler in that color. Pic taken at a club layout, my track is a really small loop in our back yard Mike the Aspie
  8. artfull dodger

    Portland summer 2018

    Ok, its the week of Portland, Indiana show, any reports or pics. Been awfully quite on this one. This is the BIG one for the Indiana/Ohio area. One pic looked like a bit of a mud bog in the swap meet area. A friend sent me that one on facebook. Curious if I need to put the chains on the back of the Horse so I do not get hung up pulling my friend on his sulky
  9. artfull dodger

    Tipton, IN Threshing show, 2nd weekend of Aug 2018

    I dont and I cannot find one online to cut/paste or link. Its the 44th annual show but I cannot find much more info online. I go every year. Nice small town show with plenty to see, both farm tractors and garden tractors.
  10. The Tipton, Indiana Threashing/tractor show is coming up in 2 weeks, held at the 4H fair grounds right along state road 19. They many times have ground to plow with GT's, and with the wet weather we have had, maybe this year it wont be like plowing concrete. Mike the Aspie
  11. Looking for one of the small Wheel Horse moldboard plows that was sized to the Suburban and short frame tractors. I do not want a Brinly or other walk behind brand that is converted to a slot hitch. I want the actual WH baby slot hitch plow. I will be at the Tipton, IN show and the Portland, IN show/swap in August. on Friday for both events as things stand right now. Thanks Mike the Aspie
  12. artfull dodger

    Oil from breather kohler

    Agreed, seen and ran many Kohlers that would have oil running down the block from the breather vent, yet still quite healthy on leak down and compression tests. One of the GT pulling companies offer a different style breather plate that has a tube you can plumb down below the frame level to keep the engine cleaner. Seen that on a few restored tractor that still get worked to help keep the block cleaner looking. I have also seen the breather plumbed into the air filter housing, as is done on all Magnum and newer Kohler engines, then the oil/fumes get burned off.
  13. We might try to come up to the show today once this rain passes and if my wife feels up to. We like to go to Baileys Discount Center just to the north of the show aftewards as they have killer prices on snacks and other stuff. Looks like its a bit wet up that way right now on the radar. Mike the Aspie
  14. artfull dodger

    American made...American proud!

    Thats a wee bit better. Sun glare off the custom decaled hood cant be helped till later today. Need to get Redo you Horse to make me new graphics for that side of the hood since the intake cut out changed things, and a custom dash decal to reflect the change to diesel power(preheater controls and indicator lamp). Thanks for the crop, looks better! Mike the Aspie
  15. artfull dodger

    American made...American proud!

    Happy 4th of July everybody. 1968 Commando 8 6 speed, custom diesel powered Autism Horse, still on duty, still cutting grass and moving winter snow. American made.....American proud! crappy sun glare right now, will get a better pic later today when its shady there.