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  1. here 4 the horses

    wheel horse sickle bar rarity

    hey mike, got any pictures of that avatar tractor
  2. here 4 the horses

    607 ??

    if you look in the pictures i have a picture of one too, and i love it
  3. here 4 the horses

    need some parts ASAP

    kelly, still got that hood?
  4. here 4 the horses

    C-141 is back on it's wheels!

    i had a chance to buy one of these today for 125$ (kick me in the keaster)..........c-series got any pictures of that red chevy in the background
  5. here 4 the horses

    New Member In WV

    im in deep creek lake area every weekend, pretty nice area
  6. here 4 the horses

    need some parts ASAP

    kelly, man sure seems like your always there when i have a question or need something, email pictures please...chilltown3436@hotmail.com (dont ask its an old one lol)........not bein to picky but as long as i can make it half way decent,,,,, thanks JP
  7. here 4 the horses

    New Member In WV

    what part of the mountain state are you from?..... and B)
  8. here 4 the horses

    need some parts ASAP

    hello guys, sorry if this isnt the right place for this but i got some trouble, i was plowing snow today and the tractor started to spin, it was on a grade so i went to go get the truck and pull it out and it slid down the hill and rolled 2 or 3 times and the hood is demolished! so i need a hood that will fit a 607, all the other ones arent running so i had to use the puller and then this happens!!!...thanks JP
  9. here 4 the horses

    Farmall Cub Engine

    my dad worked on these things his whole life in fact has 5 of them now, and you cant beat an old cub...there powerful little machines just like horses....and it is hard to believe that there only 9 HP unless if you bore one out then your up around 14 a big MAYBE 15.....either way good engine...if anyone ever needs parts let me know we sell brane new parts for these tractors :thumbs2:
  10. here 4 the horses

    Tie rod question

    dont mean to jake this thread, but im haveing the same problam on the 653 i bought the wheels are toeing in / \ im lost i dont understand it..help
  11. here 4 the horses


    might be needing some spidles if i buy this tractor a guy down the road from me has.. it runs and everything c-101 but needs two spinldes has anyone been able to make these or what??...or is it all about getting a parts tractor??
  12. here 4 the horses

    Dial-Up is DEAD !!!

    yea i know its $$$$$$$ is it fast?
  13. here 4 the horses

    Dial-Up is DEAD !!!

    ahhh u lucky $%#$^# im still hummin with the ol dial up!!! hows the hughsnet??..im thinking aboiut getting it and how is the price??..thanks
  14. here 4 the horses

    brian's 854 complete rebuild

    wooohooo thanks man!..i have all the parts and tools needed luckely!..got any close up pics of those so i have an idea that im doing it right?..thanks
  15. here 4 the horses

    brian's 854 complete rebuild

    hey man i got a question, got any plans on those hood pieces you made one of my round hoods needs new sides and it would be nice if you had some measurments, or even if you could make me a set :thumbs2: