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  1. rickv1957


    Rick V is doing better than ever,still luvin them tractors and oh still have several NOS models! :)
  2. rickv1957

    Congrats rmaynard

    Congrates Bob on 4000!!
  3. rickv1957


    Found them,thanks much Jim :thumbs:
  4. rickv1957


    Guys,where can the 4x4 tri ribs be purchased for a ranger.....thanks!! :thumbs:
  5. rickv1957

    New from PA w/B-80

  6. rickv1957

    new member with d250

  7. rickv1957

    New to Red Square

    :banghead: Rick
  8. rickv1957

    RJ-58 with trip bucket loader

    Very neat set up there!!!!
  9. rickv1957

    WH Pricing/Value Information

    I would say that would be a decent buy,try an offer of a bit less.
  10. rickv1957

    How do you haul em home?

    Yes it is John!!! :banghead:
  11. Very nice story,been there!
  12. rickv1957

    Never trust your postal service

    I feel your pain as I have received some ruffed up items over the years.
  13. rickv1957

    16 Horse Onan

    Replaced one on a D160,had to loosen shroud and still tight.
  14. rickv1957

    KT-17 Destruction

    Just a little maintinance goes a long ways!!!
  15. We are looking at 6"" to 10"" more snow starting Wed afternoon :banghead: