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  1. combatmp29r

    New Toy

    Wow see what happens when i don't drive across the county for awhile? Very nice addition Terry :D
  2. combatmp29r


    Nick far right one is a CG7. The left one is a 70 Charger 8 and the middle is a 69 Charger V8. All have moved on now. I know where the 2 V8s are, but no idea where Terry sold the CG7 off to. I have one, but it came out of southern Indiana. Not form the South Indy vert compound.
  3. combatmp29r

    Charger V8

    Stone Henge the 4 bar hood is the correct one for a 70 model. Same hood as the B and C series had. Curly, what year is yours, 69 or 70? The 69 came with a vert Kohler only and the 70 came with the vert Tucky. Alot of them were retro fitted with briggs motors because of the price issue. Briggs were a dime a dozen and dirt cheap compared to the original motors. I have both years in the herd if you need more pics of any specific area. I also have the original manuals for both years if you need a copy.
  4. combatmp29r

    Charger V8

    Curly if the tank badge says Charger V8 and it has wood grain decals it should be a 1969 model 1-7841. Which would have come with a Kohler KV181s vertical shaft engine. It was only offered on the Commando V8 in 69 and 70 and the Charger V8 in 69. As far as the deck, the mounting set up is V series specific. The deck is a 36" rear discharger like any other, but the Side discharge is a left hand discharge not a right. You could take a standard 36" RD deck and drill the holes to mount the proper V series deck hanger. That style of deck mount was offered on the V7s, V8s, CG 7/8s, and the vertical shaft 73 no name 8hp 4 speed. I can get you copies of the manuals for it if you get me your model number so we know for sure its a 69. The 70 was a Charger 8 model 1-7851 same tractor except the hood and engine. It came with a Tucky VH80. 69 Charger V8 Kohler KV181s SD deck RD deck
  5. :banghead: Terry they actually had a Tecumsah V70 on them. Thus the V7. The Commando & would be the 70 model as Wheel horse dropped the V off in 70 and just called them Commando/Charger 7s and 8s. Here is a pic of a Commando 7 the Charger is identical except a hydro
  6. combatmp29r

    Shades of things to come?

    Our outside Tom cat who normally leaves me a rodent gift every week brought me 5 ice over the weekend, and I had 2 more waiting for me when I left for work this morning If this keeps up he'll want a raise.
  7. combatmp29r

    Springfield Tractor???????

    Ahhh ok thought the vert you posted a pic of was the one he sold :banghead:
  8. Thanks for the comps guys. Nothing realy to report yet. Starter is off and on the bench, the selenoid is replaced. Then the Honey do list got in the way, and then 14 hours of crawlin around in drop ceiling fixing another contractors screw up led to looking at the garage tonight and sayin nah tomorrow. More pics and updates to come. :banghead:
  9. combatmp29r

    Springfield Tractor???????

    Jason what motor was on the one Andrew sold? The red and white springfields had KVs on alot of them. 181s, and 161s. Maybe even 141s, but I have not definate proof of that. I know KV141s were produced, but wethere they were springfield powere plants or not i'm not sure.
  10. Thanks Jason thought I was losing it for a moment. OK so alot of progress happened, and then the parking brake was set temporarily and I believe is stuck now. Nothing a little PB won't fix though So I started by fabbing up the stacks: Then I cut the top of them to 10deg turn outs and assembled the hood stand, and the first pieces of engine tin Then a new set of front shoes and the rest of the engine tin, wiring, control cables, etc etc And a close up of TDs handywork The temp tank is back off as on day 2 of operational stage, it decided to smoke the selenoid and starter all in one swoop. Well more likely the starter went bad and took the selenoid with it. The great Joy of Briggs offset twins is you have to pull the flywheel to get the starter off. So on went the progress parking brake. Today I pulled the engine tins off I need to , and popped the fly wheel off. I'll dig into the starter tomorrow and hopefully get her back up and runnin early in the week.
  11. combatmp29r

    Stacking Tractors

    Here is the thread on doing the same thing in the back of my 8 x 12 shed http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?showtopic=4981
  12. combatmp29r

    Saturday Mentone

    That makes two of us Dale :banghead:
  13. combatmp29r

    snow cab mounting

    :USA: They make nice sun shades Pm me your email please sir. :omg:
  14. combatmp29r

    snow cab mounting

    Kelly I can send you a PDF version of the instructions for my V&/V8 one. Should be somewhat similar. Just let me know and off ti goes. It has pics in there as well as the step by step stuff. And yes most of the older ones required you to drill a few holes. This one needs 2 in the running boards and 2 in the fender.
  15. combatmp29r

    2009 RedSquare Calendar

    :banghead: Looks awesome T-MO. Great job yet again on the calendar :USA: