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  1. craftsmanmowerfreak

    Don't know if I like this

    Yup I know
  2. craftsmanmowerfreak

    Don't know if I like this

    Debating on leaving tip like that or adding a little lip to keep rain out (this don't sit outside anyway) or put a rain cap on it lol
  3. craftsmanmowerfreak

    Don't know if I like this

    I don't know yet lol
  4. craftsmanmowerfreak

    Don't know if I like this

    Not yet still thinking on how to support it
  5. craftsmanmowerfreak

    Don't know if I like this

    I took a muffler off a old 10hp Briggs and modified it a little and put it on the 552 (has a K181 Kohler). I do need to brace it. But I am not sure I like how it looks. What do you guys think. It is quiet lol
  6. craftsmanmowerfreak

    62 63 toolbox and fenders

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. craftsmanmowerfreak

    Magnum 10

    Valve job is easy
  8. craftsmanmowerfreak

    Batteries; Your Thoughts?

    I just had a everstart quit on me last night. But it wasn't batterys fault had a short in tractor and battery got cooked
  9. craftsmanmowerfreak

    Batteries; Your Thoughts?

    I use everstart mainly. Key to getting a battery to last is regular use even in winter we had a couple last over 5 years. Just like in a car you use it everyday and look how they last. Not saying you have to run your tractors everyday at least once a week. One of the batterys that lasted 5 years was stored outside and my dad never done any maintenance to it.
  10. craftsmanmowerfreak

    502 restoration

    That's odd. Sometimes I only seen it maybe once or twice but 502s were taken back to dealer to have electric start put on. I was going to transfer electric start to the h70 I stuck on 552 but looked into the charging system and decided against it due to chance of overcharging battery. That and lack of governor response compared to a kohler. Pretty bad when a 1958 k160 kohler that smokes on my 753 over powers a 7hp Tec. Those were my 2 reasons I swapped in a kohler. Now the 502 on other hand I got a 8hp Kohler magnum pull start engine and stuck it on it my dad loved it.
  11. craftsmanmowerfreak

    502 restoration

    I got 2 62 models a 502 and 552 neither have original engines one was my dads and its a show tractor. The 552 has gotten a kohler transplant and will be repainted in spring and labeled has a 702
  12. craftsmanmowerfreak

    502 restoration

    Sand it down to bare metal. Go from there. If it was me I would cut out bad sections weld in new. Take ur time get it flat. Do you live in Indiana?
  13. craftsmanmowerfreak

    62 63 toolbox and fenders

    For sale toolbox and fenders from a 62 wheel horse. Toolbox needs repaired fenders are good. I do have seat spring for extra 10 bucks
  14. craftsmanmowerfreak

    520-8 stainless

    Looks good
  15. craftsmanmowerfreak

    New haul

    I got more here than I ever need lol I should do massive listing lol I only have close to 50 listings on fb