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  1. 19richie66

    Emory at hospital

    Nothing wrong with being goofy. I have lots of practice at it. Glad to hear he’s doing ok.
  2. 19richie66

    953 wheel weights

    Maybe they are factory. I definitely would use them and wouldn’t look back. How far do the go into the wheel?
  3. 19richie66

    953 wheel weights

    what are these? Anyone ever see them?
  4. 19richie66

    953/1054 tail light lense

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. 19richie66

    Hello from FL

    I don’t have as many as you, Mr 21 or 23 ........ my collection is maxed out.
  6. 19richie66

    Hello from FL

    Ever make to the Florida Flywheelers showin Fort Meade/Frostproof? One coming up this wed-Sat and then another in Feb 20-23
  7. 19richie66

    Hello from FL

    Where about In Florida are you? I’m in central Florida southeast of Orlando.
  8. 19richie66

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    “HANDS UP AND STEP AWAY FROM THE WELDER” I am not the greatest welder but good grief people. I tried disassembly of the gt14 rototiller I got with “Rusty” the gt14. Someone had “welded” angle iron to the main frame and I couldn’t get it apart without cutting them off. Not to mention everything is rusted together and the gearbox is shot. The bearings wore out and the shaft ate into the housing. So scrap one gt14 rototiller! I did keep the three point mount and brackets for a rear blade I can make. Also the mid mount I bought must have been welded by Ray Charles fabricating. Half a C clamp welded to a pivoting bracket with a crank handle and u-joint hooked to the c-clamp. Some people. Good idea but poor excecution. Had to cut all that off and now have to cut off the plate they welded on to make it pivot(so you can grade a ditch at a angle I guess). Got a good deal but I’m having to work for it.👍
  9. 19richie66

    Opinions On These Wheels

    I would need a lift for sure.
  10. 19richie66

    Opinions On These Wheels

    I believe it was a 79 but basically the same truck. This had the 351/400M with a C6 automatic. This was as I got it. I put a set of 42" Super Swampers on it and got rid of the ground hawgs. After a tassel with the Daytona Beach Police Dept regarding bumper height laws, It got set back down on a set of 35" swampers later. I am so glad I am out of that phase and found Wheel Horse tractors.
  11. 19richie66

    Opinions On These Wheels

    Now you’re talking. Never out of style and pretty much make anything look better
  12. 19richie66

    Opinions On These Wheels

    Back in the 80’s we didn’t have the wheel options now. 14”,15”,16.5 or you made your own.😂
  13. 19richie66

    Opinions On These Wheels

    These were 15x10 wheels on my F250. Kids
  14. 19richie66

    Opinions On These Wheels

    The wheels that were first on it were what came on it. I had a set of 16” tahoe limited wheels I was going to run but he got the truck before I had a chance to use them. So I had a clue but didn’t have a chance to do anything about it. You should see the dually he is building. 24” Alcoa aluminum semi wheels. He is definitely my son