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  1. 19richie66


    Looks like a huge show. Nice that it’s indoors.
  2. 19richie66

    What Are You Listening To?

    Steve Perry has some pipes. Still does at almost 70 years old. Just put out a new solo album. Sounds pretty good too.
  3. 19richie66

    What Are You Listening To?

    Yeah he can get up there. I believe the lead singer for Steelheart can go higher. Either one hurts my ears when they go up there. 👍
  4. 19richie66

    What Are You Listening To?

    @ebinmaine I listened to them back when they came out but I only rediscovered them flipping through my ITunes and turned them on. Then I went to Amazon music and pulled them up and found three albums I didn’t even know they had put out. Needless to say I haven’t heard a song yet that was bad. Very talented group.👍
  5. 19richie66

    Happy Birthday Bob Ellison

    Happy Birthday Bob! Have a great day!
  6. 19richie66

    1054 headlight lenses

    That would be great! I would buy two sets if possible. I’ll pm you my phone number and we’ll figure out how to do a payment. Thank you so much for this and also give Glenn my best wishes. Thanks, Richie
  7. 19richie66

    Relocation Time

    Glad you made it to Florida safely. We’ll have to hook up sometime soon. Not too far away from you guys. Have fun and if you need anything I’m only about an hour away.
  8. 19richie66


    those work great!
  9. 19richie66

    1054 steering issue

    Mine are both on the bottom also. Not too sure you can see it in the picture unless you zoom.
  10. Happy Birthday to the best website on the internet.
  11. Toro GMT200/230 or Hesston Front Runner. Haven’t found a lot of info on them. What I have found though looks neat and very useful.
  12. I have a pile of gt14 parts, a Magnum 12 engine, a Sunstrand C-175 transaxle and a bunch of leftovers. I have a plan for them but no time. But this is what I want to make after I get moved, unless I can find one. The search begins.....
  13. That is awesome! Reminded me of this 😁