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  1. Do you have the rj 35 metal steering wheels ?

  2. BPjunk

    Idea for the 2016 WHCC show

    At the show we walked around and took a few pictures of custom/modified Wheel Horses, what we looked for mainly is what need/ reason was this machine built by the owner. Now keep in mind that a "custom built" Wheel Horse could just mean the owner added two cup holders but I think what Eldon and others would like to do is build a custom/modified Wheel Horse that can do a special work task that a stock Wheel Horse could not do. Some of the "rat rod" Wheel Horses are neat and well built this can be easy to due being that one can bolt any part to the frame . My Mighty Lawn Ranger Six Speed was built to have the extra gears to get the most amount of work from the 6hp Tecumseh engine and the rear axle brakes were added so the tractor would not spin the rear wheels while working in the culvert in my front yard. The 1/2 Wheel Horse Lawn Ranger I built was for driving around the Portland, IN, by welding two frames together I could haul parts and people at the same time in the show grounds. On another note the put together/ scrap parts Wheel Horse could be done but even then time is an issue. Years ago I gave two brothers a (I think it was a Raider 10) a running Wheel Horse, drove it off the trailer Friday night took it all apart, cleaned it, painted it and put the tractor back together (running and tuned) by Sunday night. .......... it's more parts then you think. I do love my restored Wheel Horses but I'm a hot rodder at heart and like the custom/modified Wheel Horses too. It will be interesting to see just what shows up at the 2016 Wheel Horse Show
  3. BPjunk

    Idea for the 2016 WHCC show

    Karl, This was a subject that was on my mind to speak to you about but we didn't get enough time together. Years ago at the show we tried to get teams to put back together a model 656 and see what team could do it the quickest, sort of like at the county fair were a group of guys rebuild a model T in 10 minutes. Well what happened was nobody wanted to attempt this project at the show. I had a model 656 taken apart (except the engine and transmission) with the parts laid out. What ended up happening was Ed Mayhew and I put the tractor back together with taking challenges from the crowd as to just how fast we could do it (and a whole lot of heckling too). Times of 1/2 hour to 45 minutes were figured but it did take us only 18 minutes (tractor running and no power tools). AT the Florida Flywheels Show I attempted to build a pulling tractor from parts found in the flea market and enter the tractor in the pull ........... I got close but the cost was too high and this with no hi performance parts. I ended up borrowing weights and putting them on my 854 for the 1,000 pound class, with me on the 854 and borrowed weights we weighed in at 600 lbs BUT we still beat a John Deere in the class ! Fabrication takes a torch, a welder and a engineering mind with lots of time. Wild Bill
  4. Lane, It was good to talk to you again .... the last time was at the Fulton County Show years ago ! As for the Wheel Horse under wear ....... they will be a part of my Wheel Horse display ! Wild Bill
  5. Bob, Great job taking photos ! You have a good eye for subject mater. Wild Bill
  6. BPjunk

    2015 WHCC Kids Tractor Certification

    I was amazed at just how well the kids did with driving their Wheel Horse. Before driving through the cones I wanted to test their knowledge of operation and for me to check for mechanical problems of their Wheel Horse. Each child got a different discussion about the tractor they were operating (next year a group rules of the road class may happen) since all types of Wheel Horses were operated by the kids. A child with a 953/1054 was taught to look for out and make sure nothing is in their path that might get run over by the taller tractor. Any kid riding a mid engine RJ or Suburban series was warned against letting the clutch out too fast as not to pull a unwanted wheelie. Kids with hydros were told to use the foot brake first then make sure the lever is pulled back. Any tractors that had wide wheel weights I instructed the kids to make sure they had enough room when making a turn on their Wheel Horse so the weight will not hit any thing. During obstacle course I watched each kids body language too make sure they were not in trouble and to see what sequence they operated starting and stopping procedures in. It was good to have the parents there too supporting the children. Any of the kids who was in the class and then drove in the parade got more attention as after I talked to them about their Wheel Horse I raised their wrist to show the world the red band they received for passing the course ! I would also like to give a BIG THANK YOU to my assistant Jo Marion as she was a big help with this project. I am proud of all the kids who took this class ! Wild Bill
  7. BPjunk


    The Friday Night Campfire was entertaining as usual, Brian and Jo are great hosts. Bob took some good pictures, you can see just how really tired I was after the looooong Friday Wild Bill
  8. I WANT THIS WHEEL HORSE AT THE 2016 18TH ANNUAL WHEEL HORSE ! I too grew up in the era of Ed Roth creations and this tractor is a favorite of mine. Wild Bill
  9. BPjunk


    Brian, Do you want me to tell one of my scary Wheel Horse stories ....... like the Tecumseh that wouldn't start ??? Wild Bill
  10. ​MIKE ! Ya' kidding me right ??? See me at the show and I will see what I can do for you about getting previous years. Just for the record I have had dash plaques made for every Annual Wheel Horse Show with the exception of the very first show. The 2007 60th anniversary dash plaque was the most costly to make because it had two Wheel Horses and used several colors. The 2008 with the 500 SPECIAL has been one of the most sought after because of the neat crossed checkered racing flags. Wild Bill
  11. The UPS man just dropped off at my house a heavy box from Rallye Productions . The box was loaded with this years Wheel Horse Show dash plaque featuring showing the 1971 Bronco 14. Now sorry folks for "no picture" in this thread ...... so ifn's ya' wanna see and get a dash plaque ya' gotta' bring your Wheel Horse to Wheel Horse Show.! Wild Bill
  12. Steve, You bring viable points all of which I have already considered. First off yes the Annual Wheel Horse Show does carry insurance, flat out one can not hold a event and not be insured. The disclaimer does sound like a good idea and will be brought to the table at the board member meeting. Giving some common sense instructions on driving Wheel Horse tractors to make sure things run safely can not be a bad idea. A tyvek wrist band would show that the child was shown what not to do ( i.e. wheelies, racing, doughnuts, pull offs, more then one rider on the tractor .... you know Wild Bill's whole whole routine at a tractor show) and if caught doing this while wearing a wrist band...... wellllllll ! Getting the parents to join in during the event also helps. Wild Bill
  13. For the 2015 Annual Wheel Horse Show I will be instructing a class on safe operating of Wheel Horses for kids 15 years and younger and upon completion the child will receive a red wrist band to show there knowledge . Yeah yeah I know what your thinking ..... just who's gonna teach Wild Bill about driving a Wheel Horse safely ??? What I would like to do is have the kids bring their Wheel Horse to class at the Wheel Horse Show and I will give their tractor a safety inspection, teach the kid about their tractor, show them how to do pretrip inspection (walk around) before operating their tractor and have them drive their tractor through a small obstacle course( uh and no the Cruise Night will not be the obstacle course ...... I was thinking that might be the final exam!). I would like to get all the kids involved with this class to make sure they have a fun and safe time operating their Wheel Horse at home and at the Wheel Horse Show. I believe teaching kids how to spot trouble or handle a emergency situation only pays dividends in their lives. Now those of you who know me have already figured out that Wild Bill has fun involved in this some how ..... just come join in and see ! Wild Bill
  14. Neil, Just a quick side note but if you noticed during the Cruise Night that ............ there was one "Beetles" song. Glad we got the time to share ideas. Wild Bill
  15. BPjunk

    Cruise Night Friday 2014 Part 1 & 2

    Great Job on the video MJ and Duke ! Wild Bill