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  1. Plowing snow, coring and spreading fertilizer.
  2. The 1/4 turn shut off valve I used for $8.75. It requires a 9/16" hole.And the Facet fuel filter for $4.45.
  3. No 90 degree fitting Tankman. The filter comes straight down out of the tank. I like to keep it simple with a minimal amount of fittings and hopefully, less leaks.
  4. After years of feeling around under my 867 gas tank for the gas shut off valve, I've final decide to do something about it. And yes, I tightened the packing nut to stop it from leaking but then it becomes difficult to turn, so it's time to make life easier. The first step after removing the tank was to unscrew the 51 year old gas valve from the bottom of the tank so I could install a new Facet brand gas filter that has 1/8" NPT on one end and a 1/4" hose barb on the other. From there, a short hose goes to a new flush mounted 1/4 turn gas valve with a nice red handle that is installed under the serial plate on the front panel of the steering tower, and finally the hose follows the right side of the engine to the fuel pump. No more smelly gas fumes and/or fishing around under the tank. The shut off/on handle is right in front of me, PLUS the wife isn't complaining about the gas smell. The total cost was only $15. for the filter, valve and shipping thanks to the reasonable prices at Aircraft Spruce. IMHO, this up grade is a no brainier.
  5. ronhatch

    C120 ready to restore........???

    "you have to stay focused" What's that? They have these visions of a restored tractor in their head but when they find out there's work and an effort involved, forget it. It 's easier to go turn on the TV and fall a sleep. Or worse yet, start another project that will end up half done. Now you got me all worked up and on a rant.
  6. ronhatch

    Mower deck belt

    What exactly is happening to your belts? I'm on my 3rd season on my belt and it still looks brand new. Have you adjusted your deck so it is only 1/8" to 1/4" lower in the front then in the back? Are all the pulleys and bearings in good shape? Is the belt good and snug but not overly tight?
  7. ronhatch

    Losing It OK?

    Since I was 14 or so,I've been a great believer in whatever I own needs to run good and look good. I call it pride of ownership. I think it's the German in me. So no Tankman, I don't think your 'losing it'.
  8. i just installed a FACET # 60304 pump from AIRCRAFT SPRUCE (they have the best prices - $36.) on my Case 4016 Onan engine. It only has a max PSI of 2 lbs, so no regulator or return lines necessary. I also ordered a $5. FACET filter that screws into the inlet port of the pump, which makes for a nice clean installation. Works GREAT! Even though the system was completely 'dry' after installing the pump and all new gas lines, it started right up. Don't forget to include a 3 amp fuse to protect the pump
  9. ronhatch

    Mower deck rustproofing

    When it comes time to clean out grass clipping and stuff, does it come loose easily?
  10. I don't understand how people can beat the 'you know what' out of was once a good piece equipment and have the guts to ask $500 bucks for it. If you're going to take care of equipment this way, stick with Crapsmen, MTD or the stuff they sell at the big box stores!!
  11. ronhatch

    For you 300 Series lovers...

    I'll take the beautiful 1956 Ford Fairlane 2 door hardtop in the back ground. NICE!
  12. ronhatch

    Tobacco Road GT14

    Rob; Great job! It's nice to see someone able to put things back together rather then just take things apart.
  13. ronhatch

    Best mower for 10 acres?

    Ford Golden Jubilee preferably with a 72" mower or maybe with a 5 gang reel mower. There was a gentleman farmer across the road from where I grew up in the 50's that had a beautiful massive,15 acre front yard. He pulled a 5 gang mower using a shorten AA Ford truck. Everything was removed from the cowling back except for a single seat which was located over the rear axle. Hopefully he had a seat belt because he had to be going 20 MPH with those reel mowers
  14. ronhatch

    Shed find

    Nice Find! I see you're in Lisle. Me too! Born and raised there. Still have many relatives there. Was the estate sale in Lisle?
  15. I have my IH Cub stacks above the hood and far enough away so it clears the hood in the open position. That gives me about 2" between the 1" pipe leading to the muffler and the hood. See picture to left. So far, so good!