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  1. hounddoghundzsa

    Gt14 with tiller

    Any leads on this?
  2. hounddoghundzsa

    1969 GT14 and Raider 12

    Greg, are you coming to Ohio anytime soon?
  3. hounddoghundzsa

    1075 generator belt

    What is the correct belt size for a 1075 starter generator belt or where can I find this information?
  4. hounddoghundzsa

    Gt14 with tiller

    Looking for a nice, workable gt14 with tiller. Not interested in other models. Not looking for a show piece. I do have a running 1075 with a plow and mower deck that I could put in on the right deal. Also, either needs to be within three hours drive to northeast Ohio or I will need it delivered due to my profession. Feel free to email me: hounddoghundzsa@aol.com thanks
  5. hounddoghundzsa


    Still for sale? Does it have the three point or any portion of it? Thanks
  6. hounddoghundzsa

    Bearing and seal cross numbers

    Ok thanks. I bought some skf 9835 seals, but they have a rolled edge and don't look like they'll slide over the axle tubes.
  7. hounddoghundzsa

    Bearing and seal cross numbers

    Which axle seals do I need for an RJ 59? The 1257 or 1232? I contacted my local toro dealer and they said the 1257 seals are discontinued.
  8. What are the benefits/purpose of open and closed bearings? I am in the middle of rebuilding my RJ and noticed that six of the bearings are the same size, but two of them are closed sided. I just plan on replacing all of them with timken S8k bearings....
  9. hounddoghundzsa

    Another one saved from the landfill...

    Don't know how to post pictures on here with my phone. Sorry guys!
  10. hounddoghundzsa

    Another one saved from the landfill...

    I would, but don't know how to on my phone. It won't let me copy and paste....
  11. Literally, a friend of mine who works at a landfill where I used to work called me. He said an old wheelhorse tractor came in a dumpster. So, last week I went to pick it up. I walk into the shop and there sits a RJ58!! It was rough, but in restorable condition. The worse part was that someone cut the back of the hood off to put an 8hp Briggs on it. I was lucky enough to find a real nice one on eBay. So, another project begins....
  12. hounddoghundzsa

    Score of a life time NOS HY-3

    I too would be interested keep us posted. :eusa-think:
  13. hounddoghundzsa

    Are there any Railroaders and/or Conductors on RS?

    1/4 scale lmao!!!
  14. hounddoghundzsa

    Are there any Railroaders and/or Conductors on RS?

    lol yes - any words of wisdom....
  15. I moved to a new house a couple of years ago and haven't had very good luck with growing good beets in my garden and can't figure out why. All of my other plants allways do great, but the beets always struggle to even germinate. I live in a very sandy area in Northeast Ohio. I never had a problem like this in any of my other gardens..... :eusa-think: