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  1. What's up old man. Did you change your #?  Tried getting g ahold of you a month ago and got someone else.  Going to Aribis  this sat. And taking Gabby for the first time. Hope theyscare the crap out of her. Give me a ring sometime to catch up on some BS.  I don't get on RS as much as I used to, living in Frankenmuth now at my dads house and way too much to do all the time.


  2. perry

    Oh no another orange one

    Deck looks to be the correct 42" . in the the sale pics it looked like a 48" . Tractor is a 1964-65 with a 9hp briggs engine . all simplicity manuals are free to download. type in 990314 model number here - https://www.simplicitymfg.com/na/en_us/support/manuals.html Simplicity Large Frame Repair Manual - http://bsintek.basco.com/BriggsDocumentDisplay/default.aspx?filename=ifDDFO9jwJ9iGclRzOfEP5NRQpe
  3. perry

    Dealer List

    King Brothers INC. Pontiac , MI - closed COUNTRY CORNER ALMONT , MI - closed Manus Power mowers Royal Oak , MI - Open Unknown Name Roseville , MI - closed Monicatti Motors Utica,MI - closed
  4. perry

    What was your first car ?

    73 Dodge Dart
  5. I know of 2 seniors near me , message sent
  6. perry

    Rare white wall tires

    another set found ? listed on ebay .
  7. perry

    Off to buy a tractor or 10

    sweet find , now the fun of digging through the parts and hopefully finding some rare stuff .
  8. I am having troubles backing up my system with the windows backup feature. is there safe backup software to download that will work ?.
  9. I still have win 3.1 and DOS program on floppy . probably safe to toss that out by now huh ....lol
  10. yep , I am going to do what Karl said and backup my computers . I dont see myself going out and replacing all the computers in the house anytime soon . but thats what they want you to do. there is a ton of companys and personal user's still running XP .
  11. found it . backup on xp. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZrX4Vb4ui4
  12. what is the best way to back up a copy ?. do you need back-up software ?. I have a extrnal hard drive i could put it on.
  13. what are the rest of you XP users going to do ?. with WIN XP to go away what is the best and CHEAPEST windows to switch to . vista , win7 or win 8 ? I am running old laptop and PC . they work fine for what i do, fast with plenty of memory . will 7 run on the older machines ?. all i here about 8 is no good . and is Vista still supported ?.
  14. perry

    How did you find RS????

    This site has come a long way since Chris started it. I have been here 7 yrs but feels like longer .