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  1. WheelHorse79

    Wheel Horse 4 wheel wagon

    Price lowered to $400 OBO
  2. WheelHorse79

    Wheel Horse 4 wheel wagon

    Changed Price to $400 OBO
  3. WheelHorse79

    Wheel Horse 4 wheel wagon

    Yes the tongue is intact with no splits or bends. The wagon looks like it was only lightly used. The only thing that has been replaced are the bolts that hold the side walls to the bed. They were replaced with carriage bolts by the previous owner. Michael
  4. WheelHorse79

    Wheel Horse 4 wheel wagon

    Earlier Wheel Horse 4 wheel wagon for sale in original condition. 4 recent tires and only some light surface rust as seen in pictures. I still use it for some light yard work. Price is negotiable.
  5. WheelHorse79

    Another rj added to stable

    Man does that bring back memories. My Grandfather had a '59 RJ with a white Tecumseh engine transplanted in it just like this one. I was only about 6 years old when he traded it in on a new Bolens tractor, but I remember that big white Tecumseh engine between my little legs that couldn't reach the pegs. Thanks for sharing. I do have an early RJ 58 in honor of my Grandfather's Wheel Horse.
  6. WheelHorse79

    Worth saving or put it out of its misery?

    I've heard of gender confusion, but this is brand confusion! If the tractor is still running, you could throw some WH parts on it and paint it red, and most people (outside this forum) wouldn't know it had some JD parts. Looks like a Frankenhorse now.
  7. WheelHorse79

    ? on demise of Wheel horse

    I think once John Deere and Cub Cadet became really established in the L&G market, they really began taking sales away from Wheel Horse. Both John Deere and Cub Cadet (thru IH) had national dealership and parts distribution networks already in place which gave them big advantage. In spite of its expansion, Wheel Horse was really a mostly mid-western distributed product. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania seem to have the lion's share of the Wheel Horses. I believe if Wheel Horse could have distributed their product nationally, they could have plowed the extra earnings back into the product to keep up with John Deere and Cub Cadet among others. In my opinion, when Toro released the 500XI series which were not true Wheel Horse products, they threw in the towel and let other L&G manufacturers develop product for them. Just my $.02...
  8. WheelHorse79

    Reproduction Wheel Horse Tombstones PRE-ORDER!!!!!

    I'm interested too, but would like to know the cost of the mounting bracket for the weight.
  9. WheelHorse79

    Identify: 702?

    The only things I noticed were that it appears to have 5-lug hubs which came out in '64. Maybe someone replaced the hubs or the Unidrive somewhere along the way? Also, the hood appears to have the lower reinforcement flange (rolled edge) that came out in '64 as well. However, the dash and decal look to be a '63, so it looks like a couple of '64 parts may have made it into the mix. Great tractor for the price and appears to be in better shape than my '64 when I bought it for $325.
  10. WheelHorse79

    Exhaust k91

    That's what I did to the K91T I bought last year to put on my RJ-58 that had the wrong model Briggs on it. I didn't have a tap, so I took it to a machine shop and they tapped the 1/2" pipe threads for $10. Didn't need any gasket, just screwed the pipe elbow directly into the block. Seems to work real well.
  11. WheelHorse79

    Barn find today 753

    Someone did something similar on the 854 I bought 5 years ago. I bought a replacement tank stand off of ebay and didn't try to fix it. I preserved the original serial number sticker which is 40927.
  12. WheelHorse79

    Wheel horse 854

    Thanks! It was a labor of love, and the folks here on this forum help make it all possible with their advice and support.
  13. WheelHorse79

    Wheel horse 854

    Here is a picture I took when the resto was almost done. I have since installed the proper seat pan and a genuine RM324 mover deck. I enjoyed every minute of the restore. My Dad bought this same tractor used in 1966, and it was the tractor I grew up on. Thus, the sentimental value.
  14. WheelHorse79

    Wheel horse 854

    I paid $350 for the one in my avatar 4 years ago. It was running and mostly original. It had the wrong mower deck on it, front tires were shot, steering gear was shot, had the wrong seat pan and someone had worked on the transmission and ripped the tank stand around the shifter hole. However, the engine ran great and the trans was solid. I thought it was a good deal then. I wouldn't take a $1000 for it now (restored) because of the sentimental value involved.
  15. WheelHorse79

    What is it? Generator?

    I've seen those before. They are a belt drive PTO for large stationary implements. The pictures I've seen of them in use are running an elevator to put hay up in the barn.