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  1. BigRedD180

    blower belts

    I have been looking for a belt for my blower as well and found this one. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200468321_200468321 Pretty good price, too.
  2. Hi guys, I have a single stage snow blower attachment that came with a c-80 i bought a few years ago, been using it, and works great. However, the other day, it quit working and found the drive gear was completely chewed up, then I started looking at the other gears and found the auger gear is looking pretty rough. The gears are so sharp that I actually cut my finge when I was feeling them :*****: Hoping it is makes it thru this winter so I can rebuild it for next year. Does anyone know if the gear can be cut off and a new one welded on to the auger or do I have to buy a new/used auger? Thanks Mike
  3. BigRedD180

    Dually D on Turfs

    I did not think about the increase in leverage when you add another tire on the axle, thanks Kelly. As always you guys are the best when it comes to WH . I seen some other WHs with duallies and thought that they look bad a$$ and would help with traction but it is not worth blowing out the axles. Guess I am going to have to look for some ags since I will be playing in the dirt here shortly, I was looking for something cheaper than another set of tires. I'll have to let some air out of the turfs and see if helps. Thanks again.
  4. Do any of you have any advice for making a D180 a dually w/ Turf tires? I am told that I need a ring in between the rims (12") and some long carriage bolts or threaded rod. Does anyone sell a kit or at least the rings? Thanks, Mike
  5. BigRedD180

    D180 K482 Twin No Spark!?

    I got it!!! I found that when I tried turning it over and looking at the points that there was some sparking going on around the flywheel so I looked at the coil and found that the 2 plates for mounting were missing and looks like it was grounding out by the mounting bolts and the flywheel was path of least resistance. I got spark now at the plugs but can't try to start it any more because the young'ins are sleepin and the wife came out and gave me the "look". Have to wait to hear run tomorrow, curious how it will sound because the exhaust was straight pipe before and loud as a freight train. My brother had some old Yamaha Banshee mufflers that we modified and welded to the pipes. It turned out pretty nice can't wait to see what sounds like , hopefully it don't sound like an import POS. Thanks for all your help.
  6. BigRedD180

    D180 K482 Twin No Spark!?

    Is the coil polarity sensitive? I wouldn't think so being a coil and it is not clearly marked. I measured the resistance of the secondary coil again (found that the terminals were pretty corroded) and got 18.5kOhms a little more than the 10k but it should work, correct? I am measuring it between cyl 1 and 2 terminals. I pulled the point cover off and when I flick it (as if the engine was running), there is a little spark on the point but still no spark at the plug. Tested wire for continuity and they are good. Any ideas for the next step? Thanks
  7. BigRedD180

    D180 K482 Twin No Spark!?

    Well, I wanted to put a PTO clutch to my D180 so I took the Intake off with the Coil still attached and set it off to the side. Long story short, she had been giving me fits during this LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGG process and I got it all back together and NO SPARK!!! I have tested to make sure that I have power at the lugs when the key switch is in the start and on position. I checked the resistance between the lugs and got about 5 ohms, which sounds about right for a coil, however the secondary (plug wire sockets) seem to be open, I measured for continuity between the 2 sockets and from lug to socket. Is this normal? I don't understand what I am doing wrong, I have the power and the condenser on one lug and the points wire on the opposite. I know that I did not drop it or anything like that because I left the carb and coil in the intake when I took it off the block. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks Mike (Frustrated in MI)
  8. BigRedD180

    D180 Kohler Twin Crank Replacement

    Here are some action pics that I promised, they are the last pics I took with my camera before it fell out of my pocket and was buried in a snow bank for a week Just took it out of the rice but she is DED, at least I was able to recover the pics, those memory cards are tuff stuff. Pushing some nice curls:
  9. Awesome collection B)
  10. BigRedD180

    Kohler K Series Engine ID

    I can't seem to find the ID numbers on the 2 Kohler Engines that I have. One is on a D180 that I would suspect is an 18 Horse K482 but I cannot find anywhere on the block that states this, I found this number 2752 on the top of the block but when I googled it there were no hits. I have seen pics on this site that show the model number right were I found the 2752 number. On the D200, the only number I found on top of the block was this C237. The only thing that I can think of is that these numbers I found are serial numbers and I would really like to know where the engine model numbers are located. I've got some work to do on the D200 so I need to know if it is a K532 or K582 before I order parts. I don't there is much difference between the 2 but would like to know what I have. Thanks
  11. BigRedD180

    Adding a Loader to a D200

    Just got the D200 home and it has the 1" spindles so now I have to get it running, then order the plans. Bump this question back to the top: Thanks Mike
  12. BigRedD180


    One clean machine B)
  13. BigRedD180

    Adding a Loader to a D200

    Good to know, I will probably buy the plans for the Loader since they are only $55.. Does anyone have pics or specs of the Sub Frame as "RideawaySenior" suggested? Thanks
  14. BigRedD180

    Stump Removal

    These are from last spring but I figured I would post them:
  15. Has anyone built a loader to go on a D? I found these plans online but was curious if has used them and were successful without too many headaches. Does this require adding another hydro pump or can you tap into the existing pump? http://www.loaderplans.com/ Thanks in advance