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  1. All the Best from over this side of the pond, Josh.
  2. Stormin


    Ditto! I can share the postage with Chris.
  3. Some interesting ride ons there. Thanks for posting.
  4. Stormin

    Front End Friday

    C81 with mid mounted grader blade. (Home made.)
  5. Stormin

    Steam-O-Rama (picture heavy)

    Good to see what you lads have over there. Looks like a big show. Thanks for the photo's.
  6. Stormin

    Let’s Go Plowing—rolling Dirt!

    Those High Lifter Outlaws look like a sand tyre to me. I wouldn't bother with them personally. Ags are fine. I've 7" wide ags on narrowed wheels on my plough tractor. Work fine.
  7. You should be over here.
  8. Stormin

    Uneven operation

    Jack up the back end so the wheels are off the ground. Engage a gear then see if you can move the wheels back and forth by hand. If you can then the key way in hub and maybe axle are worn as mentioned.
  9. Stormin


    It does look like a Puff Ball. We get them over here in the UK, but you don't often see them.
  10. Stormin

    Mule drive safety cover jam.

    Take it off. I removed the one on my C-125 I use for mowing, as I remove the deck for cleaning after use.
  11. Stormin

    North of 49th New Guy

    From Interesting read your introduction. Maybe you should put it in Non Tractor Related Discussion, then more can see it.
  12. Where I am in north west Cumbria, on a plain near the sea, we don't get much snow if any. Built a snow plough a few years back and it's not been used in anger yet. Sometimes think floatation tyres may be an idea.
  13. Stormin

    Happy Birthday Stormin

    Thankyou all for the birthday wishes, lads. Had a quiet day. Just me and my dog. SWMBO was away on a day trip and the kids were conspicuous by their absence. Sister phoned from Oz and sister in Virginia sent an e-mail. Got some seat time in mowing green and verges. Just another day really.
  14. Stormin

    Side Shot Saturday !!

    I want that 520.
  15. All the Best, Paul. You can retire now.