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  1. Chassis and trans' painted this morning. Tor Agricultural Enamel. International Red. Applied by brush.
  2. My C-125 is an '82 as well, Pete.
  3. Well the steering wheel is refusing to part from the column. Not to worry, it can stay there and I'll work round it. I have got the chassis and trans' degreased and primed today. Not ideal weather for painting. Although dry, there's a cold east breeze with a chill factor just above freezing. Before anyone says anything, yes, I've missed a bit on the chassis. That is now rectified.
  4. Trans' and chassis separated this morning. Remaining parts removed from chassis and input pulley from trans'. Then the fun started. Wheel hub came off the brake side with just a few taps. The drive side was a different matter. Wouldn't budge one iota, even with pullers on. So off to the farm I went. After a pressure wash to remove as much of 30+ years of accumulated crud as I could, it was round to the workshop and bring the oxyacet' gear into play. Even with the hub nearly red hot the pullers still couldn't move it. We have an hydraulic set of pullers there, but someone has borrowed them. So off I went home. With the trans' back on the bench and hub cooled down, I decided to give it another try. Much to my surprise the hub started to move. Only just but it was moving. After about half an hour it was off. I could then see why it was so stubborn. The hub must have at sometime been knock on with one of the retaining screw, just sticking through and scored the shaft. All cleaned up now and hub slides on nicely. The box was then treated to scraper and wire rush to remove the remaining crud. Ready for a degrease now and primer. I need to get degreaser and primer. I also managed to get the roll pin out of the steering wheel. It's been getting regular squirts of penetrating fluid over the last few days. Now all I've got to do is get the wheel off the column somehow.
  5. Famous last words. Todays progress. Rest of tower removed and up onto the operating table. Methinks someone got carried away. Also ideas are forming that shouldn't be.
  6. Stormin

    Happy birthday Koen!

    All the Best, Koen. Have a good 'un.
  7. Happy Birthday Red Square and a BIG THANKS to your creators.
  8. My C-125 has seen a lot of work over the seven years or so I've owned it. Mowing the green and verges where I live and towing trailer loads of wood and other stuff. In that time all I've done is replace the head gasket and a stack to replace the rotten exhaust. Also fitted the rear wheels and ag tyres the were on the Black Horse. I've been meaning to strip the engine for some time, as it burns a bit of oil. Richard, (Anglo Traction) had some new surplus engine parts and a carb he'd rebuilt for sale. So they've found their way North and the time has come to give the old girl some attention. It won't be a total strip down of the tractor. I hope! She's a worker not a showgirl. Just a general tidy up and replacement of anything I find needs doing. I may throw some paint at her as well. First off came hood. Followed by seat and fender and wiring disconnected. Also the engine oil was left to drain. This morning I removed the engine and took off the antivibration plate. After draining off the fuel and removing fuel line and tank. Engine and gantry have been pushed on one side. I'm going to tackle the engine at a later date. I want to see too the rest of the tractor first. Foot boards came off next and top half of tower. Steering wheel and column came with it. As you can guess. the pin holding the wheel refused to budge. So this is were I'm up to. Next thing is a good pressure wash then up onto the bench.
  9. Stormin

    Reading these stories compels me to tell one!

    I used to take part in off road competitions some years back. One day I was lying under my Land Rover refitting a rear propshaft I'd fitted with new UJ's. At the time I had a German Shepherd. She liked you to throw sticks or other objects for her. At the time she preferred a lump of hawthorn. A rather big lump and heavy. As I lay there on my back, lower half of my body sticking out from under the Land Rover, she decided she wanted to play. To attract my attention she dropped the lump of wood, not by me, but right between my legs where it hurts. The shock/pain made me try to sit upright. Forehead came in contact with chassis, bounced back and hit the concrete floor, back up to attack the chassis a second time. Rolling out from underneath I could have done with three hands. One for my forehead, one for the back of my head and one to hold you know where. Kelly, the dog just stood there with a bemused look and wagging her tail.
  10. Stormin

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    Roly. Richard mentioned you had bought it on MoM. Should give you many hours of pleasure. Enjoy!
  11. Stormin


    'Ow do, Tipp. Before a valuation, we need photo's, model, year, what attachments etc. If you also go on myoldmachine.com, link at top of page, you may have better luck. There are some Irish lads on there. Put an add in the for sale section, with photo's etc. I'd come over and have a look myself, but it's a long, long way to Tipperary. Regards. Norm.
  12. All the Best from over this side of the pond, Josh.
  13. Stormin


    Ditto! I can share the postage with Chris.
  14. Some interesting ride ons there. Thanks for posting.
  15. Stormin

    Front End Friday

    C81 with mid mounted grader blade. (Home made.)