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    1976 B-80 parts tractor. (selling parts)
    1972 Commando 800 (JUST recently SOLD)
    1968 Electro 12 mutt, named "Thor" (with snowblower & plow)
    1973 "No-Name" 12hp Automatic (currently not running yet!!!)
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  1. JimmyJam

    got another horse coming to the stable

    I made my uncle's seat extension by using an Unistrut channel from McMaster-Carr. They come in different lengths and widths and you can order in varies colors. I ordered the powder coated RED. Here's a pic: (BTW: I drilled a hole thru seat pan and foot rest and bolted it down using a wing nut. That way uncle wouldn't accidentally flip backwards)
  2. Hey Bob! Do you anymore fuel shut- off valve available now?
  3. JimmyJam

    New forum user here

    Nice looking machine.
  4. Pictures are posted for your inspection ! Thanks for reminding me !!:)

  5. JimmyJam

    Complete Grass Catcher, Leaf Bag unit for 244H

    Pictures available? Condition?
  6. Perplexing!! ?????
  7. This is the deck I got from TonyToro for you. It has the plastic side discharge port cover necessary for mulching.
  8. I think by just adding plastic shoot attachment that was available when you originally purchased the deck attachment. I know you bought the tractor package 2nd hand. Perhaps the original owner has it somewhere.
  9. JimmyJam

    6-12 Ag tires on rims

    Will they work on a 400?
  10. JimmyJam

    244H Part Out

    PM sent for the mower deck.
  11. JimmyJam

    Tail lights

    I got the same one at Tractor Suppy.
  12. It has been many years since I owned s 418 with “floating “deck. Thoughts?
  13. Anyone out there that knows is there a wheeled deck that is compatible?
  14. Is there any other “wheeled” deck that that will work? Just putting it out there??