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  1. JimmyJam

    6-12 Ag tires on rims

    Will they work on a 400?
  2. JimmyJam

    244H Part Out

    PM sent for the mower deck.
  3. JimmyJam

    Tail lights

    I got the same one at Tractor Suppy.
  4. It has been many years since I owned s 418 with “floating “deck. Thoughts?
  5. Anyone out there that knows is there a wheeled deck that is compatible?
  6. Is there any other “wheeled” deck that that will work? Just putting it out there??
  7. JimmyJam

    Suburban 400 Manual

  8. JimmyJam

    Happy Birthday Lane!!

    Happy Birthday Lane!!!!
  9. So great. Yes, I always "warm-up" tractor to operable conditions before doing any load-bearing activity. We are working in the same direction. So once you switched the PTO "ON", the mower worked as it should??? You said you heard a "tick" sound. Did the blades engage and work properly? 2ndly , height adjustment: The highest (lift) height adjustment is (what I use) will be different than a walk-behind. There may be additional adjustments maybe you can use. Hopefully others will chime in.
  10. I may have an owners manual for 200-400 series tractors. Let me know.
  11. Great! So this time of year you should adjust to the highest setting. Remember you previously used a push mower. It will be just a matter of time before things adjust to the level it needs to be.
  12. I just realized that this is your first garden tractor. You chose an awesome American-made tractor. #1. Secondly, you probably bought it used and with no manual. That true, well..,there are safety switches within the tractor. #1: you must be in the seat to start engine. # 2: before engaging PTO or shifting into gear you must depress clutch and/or clutch/brake petal. It isn’t shift or mow on the fly. If you alway knew this, then I am sorry for repeating myself. 🙁
  13. Now tell me this: While engine running and PTO switch is off and you flip the switch to ON is there any difference in the sounds? If not it could be the belt (or thrown one). If there is a different sound like engine under workload (lowered RPM) and not engaging blade (whinny sound) than something is bogging the engagement. Also possible the PTO switch is faulty. I am sure others with similar machines can chime in for diagnosis.