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    1976 B-80 named “Mighty Mike” (with plow)
    1968 Electro 12 mutt, named "Thor" (with snowblower & plow)
    1960 400
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  1. JimmyJam

    Suburban Serial Numbers

    @AMC RULES I noticed that your 1960 "400" pictures had a belt guard plate. None of the manuals that I noticed referred to that part. I like yours!
  2. JimmyJam

    Suburban Serial Numbers

    Well the "New-to-me" 1960 400 Suburban throttle/choke dash plate that mentioned an ID serial number is way too recognizably gone.
  3. JimmyJam

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    @formariz Exactly!!! I use a metal plate and a very thick rubber mat under the hitch where it contacts transmission due to vibration of hitch. Works. Thanks for sharing!
  4. JimmyJam

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Anyone have used rear hitch with weight around 50#+?
  5. JimmyJam

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    @giddyap The hitch is strong. If I only put 50# of sand. Never had a problem. I have seen B-80’s pull airplanes out of hangers, boats out of a marina. What is that weight on a hitch?
  6. JimmyJam

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    To be honest with all of you concerning my sanding box: @giddyap I only put one 5-gallon bucket of sand in the box at a time; What is that? About 75# of weight? The box is meant to hold sand in the event my tires spin and it's available. I add rear wheel weights for traction. I believe 75 # won't crack my transaxle; or at least it hasn't.
  7. JimmyJam

    new old guy here with my first Wheel Horse

    C-160 is a great machine. Nice find.
  8. JimmyJam

    Best Christmas gift

    Another addition to “our” herd. My Christmas present to myself, a 1976 B-80. Again thanks @Chris G
  9. JimmyJam

    Best Christmas gift

    A quick Thank You shout out to @Chris G for all your help and having a nice Suburban 400 to sell! Merry Christmas Chris!
  10. JimmyJam

    Best Christmas gift

    Soon to be the newest RedSquare member. My gift to my girl. She saw the Suburbans at the Big Show and fell in love 🥰. So I surprised her with a 1960 400 for Christmas. She was so excited! Merry Christmas to all at RedSquare 🎄🎄
  11. JimmyJam

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Outfitting B-80 for snow removal. 87B58842-C950-477B-BD32-70D9C5E1A474.MOV
  12. JimmyJam

    WH snowblower #6-6212

    Selling a decent WH snowblower, model #6-6212 for $200. New helper lift spring included. Local pickup available only at this time, unless you make arrangements. I do have a trailer to make reasonable NE area deliveries for a fee.
  13. JimmyJam

    Suburban seat covers

    I would like to order two before Christmas. How do I get a hold of her?
  14. JimmyJam

    Suburban seat covers

    I once saw that someone out there was making Suburban seat covers. Can’t remember who?