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  1. 953 nut

    Wheel Horse C-121 + Trailer ( Pictures )

    Very nice and great job on the trailer That is an outstanding photograph, love it!
  2. 953 nut

    Work Horse 700 transmission

    It would be completely full if you didn't spill so much.
  3. 953 nut


    What ever you do, don't break the RED lights!
  4. 953 nut

    Talk to me about the 856 model...

    My first was a 1055 (two more HP and a year older) and it has pushed a lot of snow for me. I have the rear tires loaded with RV Antifreeze, wheel weights, tire chains and a weight box on the back (we have a very steep drive way). The short frame tractors are very maneuverable and when it comes to working they don't take a back seat to anything.
  5. 953 nut

    Large IN dealer auction

    That would make it an "ED BUCKET" rather than a Johnny bucket!
  6. 953 nut

    Anyone heard from Howard?

    Chances are @roadapples would know if anyone would.
  7. 953 nut

    My 953

    Congratulations, you have a very nice early production first generation 953. Seals for the lift cylinder can be purchased here, https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/ and if you are looking for a new seat contact @BOB ELLISON. For the center cap for your steering wheel contact @GlenPettit.
  8. Happy Birthday @wheelhorseman, we are all glad you were born!
  9. I have RV antifreeze in several tires, some have tubes and some have regular tubeless tire valve stems. The adapter can be picked up at Tractor supply for about $ 10.00 and a little drill operated pump or a pond/fountain pump will transfer the liquid. SIZE GALLONS Per Tire WEIGHT in POUNDS 16x6.50-8 2.0 21.4 18x7.00-8 3.0 32.1 18x8.50-8 3.4 36.4 18x9.50-8 4.0 42.8 23x8.50-12 5.5 58.9 23x10.50-12 6.8 72.8 6-12 3.6 38.5
  10. 953 nut

    551 Suburban Transmission Rebuild

    Looks like he knows what he is doing, bet Grandpa has been teaching him a thing or two.
  11. 953 nut

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    You are going to love that tire setup!I have eight gallons of RV Antifreeze and 50 pounds of wheel weights on each tire on my 418-C as well as tire chains on 10.50 turfs and it is unstoppable. Our driveway is rather steep and I can plow snow up and down with no wheel spin.
  12. 953 nut

    Senior Moment

    And here I was expecting the Tow Valve to be open.
  13. 953 nut

    Wheel horse 312-8

    Presuming it is the original engine you have a '85 or '86 312-8, after that they went to the Magnum Kohler engines. These manuals should be helpful.
  14. 953 nut

    Chain Steering setup

    The chain and sprocket set up works well. Another option would be to mount a steering arm in the lower side of the steering shaft and have a pitman arm on the steering up front connected by a drag link.