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  1. fritz

    Had my tractors out today...

    Hey Jon!!! Those all look good but for some reason almost all of them look really familiar?? Hope to see ya again soon!! Devin
  2. fritz

    Need help Identifing a Walk Behind

    thank you for helping Devin
  3. I have got this walk behind and it is weird. I can not find any brand on it, it has a wisconson engine on it, I have got disc's, cultivator, and a harrow for it. And also it has 9 inch tires?? I dont know what it is or what it ight be worth. Any help would be appreciated. Here are some pics. Thank you Devin
  4. fritz

    1047 deck pulley??

    I think I have what you are looking for message me if you are interested. Thank you devin
  5. fritz


    I sold a transmission couse I thought it was good and the guy brought it back saying it was clicking. But in reverse only. I have no clue what this could be. the tractor it came off of we thought it was the belt and the frame couse the frame was broke. Does any one have any idea??? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you Devin
  6. fritz

    1948=52 Gibson D

    Thank you for all he help. I think I am going to pass on this I think he may be wanting to much. So if any one is interested I can get you his number. He is wanting 1200 for the complete package. Thank you
  7. fritz

    1948=52 Gibson D

    I got a call about a 1948-52 Gibson D. They dont know what year it is. I have been doing research on google and MTF. I can not find much information on the value of these things, the sturdyness or the usablility of them. The guy said it has a 9 hp wisconsin engine on it. it runs good hed said?? and it come with attachments. 12 inch plow, front grader blade, cultivator, disc, and tator plow?? I dont know what I should give for this or even if this is a collectable tractor. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you Devin
  8. fritz

    268 H

    I have an opportunity to get a 268 H. I dont know much about thse tractors. it has a blown engine but other than that it appears to be prtty solid. the tires are holding air the deck is good. the hood if you wanna call it that is not cracked at all. I know it is a cheaper wheel horse version but it says wheel horse. I can get it fairly cheap. Should I jump on it or let it sit?? Thank you Devin
  9. fritz

    Is this a 1964 Lawn Ranger?

    Thank you!! Every one has been very helpful! Thank you Deviin
  10. fritz

    Is this a 1964 Lawn Ranger?

    I was looking at the 654 in the photo gallary. which one would be a better collectors item? I would prefer the lawn ranger..... the belt guard says lawn ranger.. but it has 3 lug hubs and normal size front spindles Thank you Devin
  11. I hauled in a few today and this is the one I am most curious about. I think it is a 64 Lawn Ranger but I cant find a I.D. tag. I foudn a serial number and a number on the transmission. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Devin Thanks again
  12. fritz

    riding whit the 518 h europe

    I think the C series fenders are much better looking on one of the newer ones!! devin
  13. fritz

    riding whit the 518 h europe

    Are those fenders on that tractor original to it?? Sorry if thats a dum qustion. it looks good!!!
  14. Thank you for the responmses. I think I will keep my all original tractors all original... xept maybe the john deere it will turn red. Naa not really. but I think that the two tractors the 606 and hte C 160 auto that all all original i am going to kleep. the 10 automatic i dont care for and need to make room for what I do like!! thank you for the advice and opinioons. Devin
  15. I been collecting Wheel Horses and garden tractors for almost 2 years. I have seen them in all kinds of shape. What I was wondering was when do you know a tractor needs restored? I tried searching for it in other posts and topics but I couldnt find it. What I am saying is I have 4 all original tractors that I think are in farely decent condition. I got a john deere 60, a C 160, 606, and 10 automatic. I was wondering what condition the tractor needs to be in that it should be restored. I hope that is a understandable qustion. Thank you Devin