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  1. PaulC

    Steering very stiff question

    5909k33 for the bearing and i used the applicable .032 washers. I have been mowing for the past few weeks with this machine now and the steering is very very nice I am glad I put this setup on.
  2. PaulC

    Steering very stiff question

    really is a very cool picture with very nice horses you have there. I did a similar upgrade to what Cleat did but i used needle bearing thrust bearings i got from mcmaster carr, 3/4" bore is whats needed. I installed them on 2 417's that were steering very hard and it improved them greatly, one more then the other and with no front mounted attachments its like it has power steering. i did have to grind the top of one or two of the axels to accommodate for the thickness of the thrust bearing but it was well worth the effort. http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-rolling-element-thrust-bearings/=11zufc2 there is the link to the page to give an idea of what i used.
  3. thanks for the interest but sorry I sold this tractor locally a few months ago. went to a good home and sorry for not updating this thread
  4. larger sized torx bits can sometimes work great at removing stripped allen headed bolts. Pound it in as far as possible and keep pressure on your ratchet while attempting to turn and break free the stripped bolt.
  5. PaulC

    Pimped my Plow

    Tank there's nothing wrong with the manual linkage, its actual another very simple yet effective design, I just wanted to add some cool factor and make the plow easier to get on and off (not so sure why on that one though because like many of us i now have multiple horses). A few of us are currently chewing on this idea too so feel free to add in any of your ideas. I could always go back to the original linkage but im not ready to do that just yet. All is well upstate except for the fact im pretty sure the Island has gotten more snow then us this year! Im an avid snowmobiler and love moving snow with my so its been a huge disappointment this year. Ive had 3 snowfalls to speak of all year totaling about 10". I think last year we had a half dozen or so snow events that totaled more then that themselves. Ed i appreciate the thought youve been putting into this. I have saw alot of the great engineered additions you have made to your stuff so i am waiting for you to start working on accomplishing this task as well. I am definitely around the 200lb spot in your diagram but i have learned from my job that a static load is much much different then a dynamic/impact load. The actuator was quite strong for its size it would angle the blade with the blade still on the ground but once it took what i think was a pretty light hit on the opposite side of the blade she popped like a can of snakes!
  6. PaulC

    Pimped my Plow

    Yes Tankman that is exactly how i set it up. The 4" stroke of this actuator is a touch long but not enough to be a major issue, i think 3.75" would be ideal. I thought about the 45 degree angle a bit and its not making sense in my head but its obviously working for JB. Those warner actuators are a good product but in the 3-400 dollar range was way out of budget for this experiment. I would have to think you could do it with hydraulics in that price range.
  7. PaulC

    Pimped my Plow

    interesting info John thanks! That actuator definitely is beefy and the thing that jumps out to me the most is how the actuator is mounted at almost a 45 degree angle to the blade, to where mine is mounted close to 90. Not sure that would have any effect or not though?
  8. PaulC

    Pimped my Plow

    Ed that is one nice 312H and i know from having one they are very nice machines so i am not at all surprised your keeping that beauty! If i remember correctly i think the hydraulic lift cylinder has a similar stroke to the actuator i used which is 4", and i actually think member @elliot ness just recently mounted one to his plow for the angling but i dont know if he ever made it anywhere with it, maybe he will update or add a comment here. I do think hydraulics would be the best option but those cylinders can be tough to find and pricey and im not sure about tapping into the original system, others have done it though? It would be really fast though which would be great and i think the hydraulic cylinder would hold up much better. It would be really sweet with quick connects on the lines, you could drive right over the plow and literally hook and unhook in 2 minutes, that was the greatest benefit behind my idea. Maybe this will be the route i go when i get back to it because this really would be the best setup. You have been very helpful with this thread so you are not at all hijacking. You really thought that out and did quite the job mounting the plow on the quad. Thats a beefy looking machine, I fixed up a ford for someone recently and it was a pretty nice tractor! That idea doesnt seem like it would be hard to makeup but you should just think about picking your pops up another awesome and just mount the plow and leave it. Even a manual lift tractor wouldnt be bad because the plows arent that heavy. If you do end up going the actuator route here is the part# for the momentary switch wheel horse used for the electric lift kit on the manual lift tractors, 55046-04 google search and you should be able to find it for 12 bucks. Not the one i used because i found it afterwards but its the one i would go with now.
  9. PaulC

    Pimped my Plow

    I would agree with you about the actuator being more reliable in compression then tension because that is exactly what happened the actuator was pulled on and the small bolts that hold the back plate on ripped right out, thats why i say i think its fixable. At this point with hard enough hit i wonder if a very high strength actuator could still seperate? The other downside is usually the stronger the actuator the slower they move, and they get very expensive. Another actuator on the opposite side is a new idea i havent thought of yet and i like it! It definitely would be very easy to wire and i do think it could take care of the problem i encountered. To have a solenoid there would be some tricky circuitry needed to deal with the issues Ed brought up. My Dad and I actually discussed this for a few hours on our truck ride up north to go snowmobiling and it did get kind of complicated. Why are you thinking of mounting an actuator out front for lifting the plow? Ed thats a slick design you came up with there but i would still have the issue of having to precisely stop the actuator in the right spot so the hole lines up with the pin? And its no sweat that it failed but thanks for your sympathy, I had the expectations that this was going to happen. We have had one pathetic winter here anyway and i have 3 other tractors with blowers mounted so the plow really isnt needed. This is just one of those things I thought was a cool idea and wanted to try, and im not done with it yet just because of this. Not sure when ill get back to it and what direction ill go next but ill make something work.
  10. PaulC

    Deck storage, any solutions?

    That is a nice rack you built Brian! I have been plagued by this problem like so many of us for the past few years as well. This past October i finally pulled the trigger on expanding my garage, went from 24' x 22' to 24' x 42'. The garage had a hip roof before so i decided to rip the whole thing off and go to gable ends. Considering i replaced the entire roof i was able to have my trusses built so they had a 2x6 bottom board and a large opening right in the center so i would have the ability to store pretty much whatever i could get up there, with decks, lawn equipment, snowblowers and plows in mind. So after my final inspection i cut a small section out of the bottom board on the center truss and braced it off so i have a nice sized opening to get to the upper level. I scored a 500lb winch from work a few years ago when i first attempted to lift my snowblower up into the rafters on my old hip roof garage, didnt work out so well. Anyway the winch came in handy as i mounted it to a trolley and track that i got from my dad that is used as a continuous hanging line for the powder coating line at his work. Now i can get heavy items up off the floor and into the rafters pretty easily. I installed about 17 feet of track so i lift from the center of the garage and can get stuff pretty close to the back wall. I lifted 4 rims and tires from my truck, my lawn sweeper and 4 decks up there in an hour or two and havent tripped over them once this winter. Come summer time ill pull all that stuff down, take the chutes off the blowers and them and the plow will take other stuffs place. Here are two pictures of everything thats up there now And here is a video of me loading a deck. IMG_1456.3gp This video shows it much better IMG_1457.3gp
  11. PaulC

    Pimped my Plow

    Im glad you commented because ive been meaning to give this thread an update. The first time using this setup the actuator pulled apart! It was right at the end of plowing my driveway so i used it for a half an hour or so and was pretty happy with it when i went to go push the last little bit of snow off the drive and had the blade angled slightly to the right, I caught something but not even hard enough to make the tractor jerk and the blade spun quickly and when i looked down the back block of the actuator pulled apart from the body. Ive been meaning to take and post a picture and update this but i have been tied up with things at home. I think the actuator can potentially be fixed but i proved that an actuator wont be able to hold the position of the blade itself. I really was happy with it up to that point too. The slow speed of the actuator really didnt seem to be an issue as i was only angling it slightly I think the solenoid for the locking pin is the way to go if you want to use an actuator for the angling of the blade. I have put some thought into it because when i have time if i can fix the actuator this is the route i would try next. I think it may require a relay or two for the timing of the solenoid and the actuator so it can still operate from one switch and i think i would add 2 extra lock holes in between the ones that are there so you dont have to angle full right or full left always.
  12. PaulC

    Wheel weights, is this a daft question?

    if you do some searching around here i remember seeing a thread where someone used a 12" cake pan as a mold for lead. They turned out really cool and were quite heavy from what i remember
  13. http://www.amazon.com/CyberTech-Digital-Photo-Tachometer-Contact/dp/B001N4QY66/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1452115079&sr=8-3&keywords=RPM+TESTER I purchased one of these for testing my RPM's. It will work on pretty much anything that has a spinning surface so you could test the rpms of your box fans at home if you want . It really has been a great tool though and it wont break the wallet either. I put one of the square stickers on the pto bell and its still there to this day so i can pull out that tester and check it at anytime in the total of 1 minute. and as far as bogging with the snowblower did you try adjusting your ground speed? with a single stage you need to keep the rpms of the auger up and going to fast with to much snow will bog it down for sure. My brother tried to clear my driveway once for me while i was out of town and when i came home he told me he had so much trouble with it that he ended up shoveling! Im pretty sure he was just trying to barrel right into the snow and then got frustrated when the motor bogged down.
  14. PaulC

    fully hydraulic blade for a C195

    I like it! I love these type of mods! With the hydraulic cylinder I bet it moves real fast. I just recently added an electric actuator to mine. It's nice but it's pretty slow. The way I mounted mine eliminates your issue but I think your cylinder is to big. Here is a link to my thread in case u want to check it out. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/60463-pimped-my-plow/#comment-558748