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  1. rjcap

    D200 starting problems

    Fuel pump. My C-125 was doing the same thing. You can get an electric for about $50. Easy to install. Change the fuel lines while you are at it. I picked up the pump and new fuel lines at Advance Auto. As far as a gasket for the carb I did remove mine before I determined it was the pump. I made my own gasket out of a sheet of gasket material I picked up at Advance Auto also.
  2. rjcap

    Installelectric fuel pump on a C-160

    I realize this is an old thread but I just wanted to thank squonk for excellent instructions. I just put this same pump on my C-125 and it solved all my issues. I bump the key after its warmed up and it starts immediately and those twelve ponies are chomping at the bit.
  3. rjcap

    1972 kohler 10 suddenly needs choke to run

    I was having the very same trouble with my C-125 that ohiofarmer was having with his machine. The only thing I did in addition to your suggestions was to replace the kohler air filter. I was negligent in replacing it to begin with. Removed the main needle and cleaned it, sprayed a little carb cleaner down the hole too. Loosened the gas cap a bit and was able to cut the 3 acre river lot with no more difficulty. I will tighten the gas cap on the next cut to see if that is really an issue or not.
  4. rjcap

    C-125 starting issue

    Ditto to what bmsgaffer is saying. I have a C-125 and had the exact same issue. Dry lube and a good cleaning is all it took on mine. Good luck.
  5. rjcap

    Pulling deck pulleys.

    Using the bearing separator would have saved me from bending the first pulley. Really good tip. Thank you.
  6. rjcap

    Pulling deck pulleys.

    I use a three jaw wheel puller, lots of wd-40 or the like, time, patience and yes prayer. Bent the heck out of the first one I ever did and learned my lesson.
  7. The same thing is happening on my C-125. Turn the key and the starter whirrs but does not engage the flywheel. Battery is new this season, checked all connections and before doing much else I tapped the starter with a small set of pliers and she fired right up. Cut for about thirty minutes, parked to get a new beer and the same thing happened. I'll pull it off and clean it and apply some graphite to the shaft tonight. If I do need a new starter I need suggestions please.
  8. rjcap

    jJust got this

    I'm sure the experts will chime in but I think it is one nice looking machine. Anything red and shiny gets my attention.
  9. I cut the last two seasons with a 42" RD, and prior to that I did not know that RD's were even around. I marveled at how well it cut, easy to go around either side of the many trees I have and left no clumps of grass. I often wondered why other company's never adopted a RD deck. A month or so ago I picked up a beautiful condition 48" SD. Don't get me wrong, it's a great deck and cuts down on the time it takes to mow, but I do miss the neatness of the RD.
  10. rjcap

    Mowing Deck Striping Kit

    I love stuff like this. Great idea and glad you shared it. I too love mowing. Started as a 13 year old mowing commercial property with my step dads brand spanking new 1978 JD 400. Summers in my teens I logged hundreds of hours on that machine. Step dad passed recently and I still have the 400. He left behind a nice JD 855 and a JD 930, brother and I are sharing cutting around Mom's with those two JD's for now. But I love that old 400, needs a starter and I will get to it someday. When my four kids were growing up I didn't have as much time to cut and it became more of a chore. Out of necessity three summers ago I bought my C-125 from a neighbor. I had no idea what I was buying, knew nothing about the WH line. If its possible I have to say that my love for mowing has been rejuvenated by this little tank of a tractor. I cut roughly 3 acres around my place and look forward to cutting every week.
  11. rjcap

    Bucket list scratch off

    Looks nice. Is that a JD deck that he modified under it?
  12. rjcap

    got another one

    I know it's faded but what is the original color? Not red I'm assuming.
  13. Very nice set up. I think you have a good deal at $2100. That machine with the 60" deck and two stage snow blower, wheel weights and chains is the complete package. I imagine you will be very happy with your purchase.
  14. rjcap

    Newbie question regarding C-125

    Update to my original post. Well it's been two weeks since I swapped out the 42" RD deck and put on the 48" SD deck. I couple of observations. The extra cutting width is obvious, get done mowing 3 +/- acres a bit quicker. I notice absolutely no bogging down of the 12 hp kohler, my initial concern. Two things I do not like, the side discharge on the right side means I cannot get as tight to trees as I'm used to. The deck creates a whole new "vortex" of clippings that end up on top of the deck, the foot rests and me that did not happen with the RD deck. Neither a deal breaker as the added width is nice. All in all though this is one tough little grass cutting machine. It goes over and through wet places on my land that my JD 400 had to wait until the fourth of July to get to.
  15. rjcap

    my 2 new to me horses

    The blower fits on my C-125, being a WH novice I'm not sure if it fits a 3 series. It's got the short chute on it and blows snow just fine. Ive got the flag and a new belt and very nifty helper spring setup to aid in lifting the beast. To be honest I have found that after most snows i was using my walk behind Ariens over the rider. You're welcome to come and look at anytime.