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  1. WH401

    Bad starter solenoid?

    Well, I fixed the problem, though didn't figure out what was wrong. I swapped the solenoid I had bought for one off another tractor. That solenoid had to be grounded with a second wire to the 2nd small terminal. When I put that one on the commando setup with the ground wire everything works as it should from the key switch. So, I thought well let me try this solenoid I bought in the other tractor and it worked in that one. I'm wondering if the solenoid I bought required a higher amperage battery to work properly because the other tractor I put in has an automotive size battery and the commando only has a lawn and garden battery. I just left the solenoids swapped to the opposite tractors and they're both working fine. Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. WH401

    Bad starter solenoid?

    I measured ohms with a meter between the two small poles and only got a solid 1. As long as I measured correctly then that would mean its grounded through its body, right? Or no?
  3. WH401

    Bad starter solenoid?

    The one I'm using is a generic 4 post from an auto parts store that I've used on other tractors, (not a Ford specifically.) It has two big terminals labeled M, and two small, one labeled S which says should go to the start circuit of the IGN switch, and I which runs from the switch to the coil. It states if your application only uses 3 of the 4 terminals then dont hook up I, so I believe its internally grounded. Thanks.
  4. WH401

    Bad starter solenoid?

    2 large and 2 small. The other small terminal that doesn't have any wires is the I terminal which I believe is another method to get power going to the coil. Your saying ground that one? Thanks.
  5. I redid the wiring on my Commando 8 very similar to how it was outlined in this thread, , using a solenoid. This included a new ignition switch and solenoid too. I can start and run the tractor by bridging the two solenoid poles, or going directly from the + on the Batt to the starter gen pole. However, I can't get it to engage the starter using the key switch. The solenoid will click when the key is turned, and after two times of trying to turn the key it won't click anymore. If I leave the battery disconnected for a while then I end up going through this same routine. I checked the voltage at the key switch when the key is on run and I get nothing at the S terminal and a strong 12v on the I terminal. If I turn the key to start I continue getting a strong 12v to I, in addition to a strong 12v on S. I believe that's how it should be, correct? Thanks