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  1. Scrounger

    42 inch plow/dozer blade assembly. NOS 1970!!!!

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. This is a full assembly purchased for a 1968 Electro 12. Ready for the show circuit. It is really too nice to use. All the factory serial plates and shipping zip ties are intact. Factory original paint shines like new. And you know if you buy it, there won't be any more snow this year!!!
  3. Scrounger

    NOS plow/dozer blade kit

    yes indeed, 42 inch blade NOS down to the 45 year old zip ties!
  4. Scrounger

    NOS plow/dozer blade kit

    yes indeed. NOS down to the 45 year old zip ties!
  5. Scrounger

    NOS plow/dozer blade kit

    Yes it is truly an NOS kit with everything but the box (damn mice). factory zip ties still in place. Manufactured around 1970. Never used. the blade is model 6 9622. All factory paint serial plates, and stickers intact. Almost too nice to use. Ask for Michael.
  6. Scrounger

    Snow Blower or Snow Blade for SK-486

    Southern Michigan is an easy run for my blade, if it will work for you, and its NOS.. In the classifieds ..........
  7. Scrounger

    Dozer blade late 60's model NEW

    Changed Price to $350
  8. Scrounger


    These are nice old late 60's or early 70's chains. NOS! Never used. I will include a pic of the tire they are sized for. Call or text for questions. Note wheel weights in pic are not included, but are also for sale, as is an NOS dozer blade of same vintage. Mike
  9. Scrounger

    Wheel weights

    These are rear wheel weights for a 1968 Electro 12. Original paint, excellent condition, with the original bolts and nylock nuts. Call if you have any questions. Mike
  10. Scrounger

    Wheel horse snow thrower, new late 60's unit

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Scrounger

    Disc Attachment late 60's New

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Scrounger

    Wheel horse snow thrower, new late 60's unit

    Pending sale to Wildman
  13. Looked at some 416-h pics, not sure if it would work.  Kelly here on the forum has helped me in the past, perhaps a general forum inquiry?

  14. Scrounger

    Wheel horse snow thrower, new late 60's unit

    I don't know, perhaps one of the moderators, or other wise ones would be able to say. It is for a 60's tractor, the PTO is a belt drive on the right side of my 1968 Electro 12.
  15. Kelly:

    I have posted some new stuff in the classified section.  Extremely nice attachments for my old Electro, which I would never use.

    You were a great help in getting my Horse up and working a few years back, so if you are interested in any of the stuff, let me know.  I would gladly cut you a deal.  



    1. Kelly


      What do you have? and prices ? 

    2. Scrounger


      Beautiful NOS dozer blade $300

      almost new Brinly plow $250

      Rear wheel weights, cast iron, original paint, NOS $180

      tire chains NOS $50

      Already sold new snow blower and a disk.